Recruitment suggestion

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When you recruit the new member goes straight to base and can be used immediately.
What about the idea that you have to manually ferry them back (or use them) but you need slot available in Manticore to take them or be able to recruit them.
If not, and they do get transferred to the base immediately, them make them unusable for the amount of time it would take for them to arrive?

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If there is a free spot open on the aircraft, the recruit is put on the aircraft and not the nearest base. Early in the game when one only has 1 aircraft (that is most likely full with the initial 6 units). Having to free a slot by going to base and then back to pick up the recruit is a bit too tedious of a chore (IMHO). Later on, when one has more aircraft, perhaps not so much. But by then one has an aircraft slotted for trading and recruiting. BTW when the recruit is picked up by the aircraft they are “locked and loaded” and ready to fight.

Which can be useful in some cases, especially early game.

It would be nice to have the option to ‘send them to base’ albeit that should still involve some kind of delay for transportation.

Good point mcarver, I suppose early game it prevents a ballache.

turns to SpiteAndMalice

Yeah that’s what I meant, a little penalty. Time plays a vital role in this game (I play strategic level at “Slow” mostly, I like to watch the craft fly) so adding an element where it’s not instant, well it just fits imho.

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