Stolen Valor quest, no item to recover

Underook stolen valor quest. Killed every enemy on the map. Searched map extensively looking for any sign of the sword. No flashing squares, no sword items dropped from enemies. Gave /win command, was able to turn in quest normally and collect reward.

The instructions were to “recover the sword.” Kind of vague. However, I could find no flashing squares to activate as is typical, nor special sword items on any bodies.

I completed that mission, it’s about a “flashing tile” . Farthest corner on the map, when you reach it, you watch it

I completed it last week.

Refer to:

Jump to 1:57:09 in the video if the linked video does not jump to it right away. Covered from start to finish. I had trouble finding it as well.

Jep, the tile is always in the same place

this mission seems to have a rare bug where the highlighted tile does not show on screen. happens a few times, there is no said item its just a mission where you go to tile and head back. if the highlighted tile isn’t showing just move on and off that tile.

Sometimes changing elevation view helps to reveal the tile.

And when you start the mission the highlighted tile is there, just remember the spot

You’ll see that happen in the video I linked as well. I just moved a different squad member over it and that fixed it. Appeared to happen since the first one had so many abilities on screen that there was no room for any more.