Tutorial does not progress after picking up items in second mission

After I pick up the items in the second tutorial mission at the hanger I am then instructed to select the second soldier. When I do nothing happens. I can dash about and force an end turn by running out of action points but then nothing else. Can not fire at enemies nor heal or throw grenades. I have closed the game and restarted and have come across this 3 times in a row. Made sure everything was updated as well. Currently uninstalling and reinstalling now to see if that works.

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I too am having this problem, thank you for posting it. Here’s how my sequence goes:

  1. start a new game with the tutorial enabled
  2. finish the first tutorial mission
  3. second tutorial mission, have Bave loot the crate (medkit + grenade)
  4. when prompted to select the next soldier (Lise), nothing happens. There is a glowing arrow hovering over the tile space where she starts. I click on her, can view her info, her inventory, and as the OP mentioned can move her all over the place. But the glowing arrow remains hovering over her original tile space and the Objectives list tells me to “Select Unit.”
  5. I’ve included a screenshot

Thanks for your help, devs!!

Phoenix Point Tutorial Mission 2 bug|690x388

Hi guys,

Can you please show us the timestamp of the digital signature of the game’s main executable?

You can do so by going to the game’s install directory (usually C:\Program Files\Epic Games\PhoenixPoint) and right clicking “PhoenixPointWin64.exe”, followed by left clicking Properties, at which point you should see a tab named “Digital Signatures” in the new window, expand the timestamp below to show date and time and just share a screenshot.

Sharing a sample screenshot below.


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Same problem here.


Hi Brunks, thanks for getting back to us! Can’t wait to enjoy the game. :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of the Digital Signatures tab’s timestamp.

Phoenix Point digital signature timestamp

Hi guys,

This should now be fixed with the latest patch, let us know if you still encounter the issue in 1.0.55275.


Hi brunks,

I just played the tutorial and the problem has gone away (1.0.55275). WOOHOO!! Thank you for your prompt help with this. :smile: :smile: :smile: