Loot after combat

If i kill something using bullets and his weapon drops at his feet shouldt i be able to recover it at the end of the mission?

If i loot immediatly i have the loot but if i dont, because of inventory space or just because, like in my Pirate King mission, because he is the last enemy, all loot, in my case the flamethrower, isnt recovered.

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It’s a bug from the update.
I hope they will change it when they release a new update.

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Ah thanks for clarification. I’ve been having the same issue for some time now, it’s annoying and a problem for resource management in the long run.
Have made bug reports but haven’t found it on this forum yet.

No modern army would leave a combat area without policing up all firearms. In a post apocalypse world it would be suicide not to collect every gun, magazine and resource.