Stealing Valor misson

Hi, I was pursuing the Stealing Valor mission. I arrived to the Anu base and the mission was offered, but I wanted to look at few things first and now the mission no longer appears (something like special mission), but the base is still glowing in gold so I know the mission is there.

Any tips? I which there was some journal or more description on the mission rather then only it’s location.

Looks more like a bug, special missions are list at left at geoscape. Click on one go to its location when there’s a known location. If you know the location you need travel to it. If you can’t it’s because you need explore area with scanner to reach it.

I am at the destination where it shows me to go, but no special mission is offered anymore.

Same issue with the same mission here!

I had the same issue with one faction init mission, ignored, and it get overided by another mission that spawned and then it wasn’t available anymore.

Over 7 months later and this bug still exists. I just submitted an F12 bug report (for what that’s worth – if this bug has been around this long).