Stolen Valour mission help

Hi, I need some help with the stolen valour independent haven mission. I have accepted the mission from the independent haven and the location is one of the Anu havens near my original base that I already have explored. When I click on it, I just have options for area scan and haven info, unlike other independent missions where a popup message appears prompting me to start the special mission. Can I check how to start this mission?

It’s a bug. If you don’t deploy the game first prompts you (I.E. upon first arrival at the relevant haven after accepting the mission) you’re locked out of doing it. Happens to a couple of other independent missions too.

Only way around is to revert to a save from before you arrived at that haven and make sure you’re good to go instantly upon arrival.

Hopefully this is on Snapshot’s to-do list as this is an old one that’s been getting reported for ages.

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+1 same problem

Make sure you report it via the in-game report tool. Best way to get it fixed.

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