Still crashing on PS5

Every few missions when completing a mission and loading geoscape it would crash out to the playstation home menus, even if trying to save during missions so didnt have to reply entire mission still crashes out.

was hoping patch earlier today would fix this but no it hasnt…seriously what the hell is going on!!! wish i had never bought the game in its current state - having to replay those missions over and over and just waiting for it to crash.


I suggest saving periodically anyway. It just came out for consoles a week ago. They’ll fix the issues in a patch. At least you don’t have to wait a year for your bug reports to get fixed

Well the game is still unplayabe for me on pc

lol so what im hearing from this is dont get hopes up for a fix anytime soon (if at all!)

Nope ! But you will get new Dlc

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Again, console is a new platform and it’s been a week. Give it some time

sorry no!!! this is a full release game, not a beta or trial.

if its not in a state to play then shouldnt have been released. no idea how this got through testing and released in this state - @fenix if you are happy with mediocrity then big ups to you, but for other people buying the game at the full retail price then it is unacceptable

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Im not playing on console, and its still unplayable lol. Its been way more then a week

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With the consoles it is kind of sad. There is not much custom configurations to test the game with. So it should get properly tested before release. Maybe they tried too hard to push too many updates into that release. Maybe DLC 4 should show 2 or 3 weeks later on the consoles. Who knows.

But for the PC thing is different. There is way too many possible hardware configurations to test them all. For me for example game runs really ok and without any crashes. So for me game is in playable state since release. But yes some players have bad experiences with this game and it is sometimes hard to tell what is going on in that specific case. Hope the devs will fix most of it when they will finish development of new content.

@yokes i was thinking exactly same thing - pcs i can understand due to the innumerable configs out there but playstation or consoles in general youve got what, maybe 3, 4 max hardware versions to test on…and from the looks of forums its spread across both xbox and ps and different versions…

so yeah looks like they just pushed it out the door to meet deadlines i expect…pretty poor!

What the fuck it is? Buy the game, but everytime when try play on PS5 is a crash, or some buttons not working before not restart a game, im very disappointed from that game. Good looking but bad performance.