PS5 Controller issue

Unfortunately my PC GPU picked the perfect time to bite the dust. Anyways I’m on PS5 and crashing is happening but that isn’t what is really bothering me.

It is loading into the mission and my controller no longer working. If I try to move specifically it won’t work. Oddly enough my abilities work.

Am I just being dumb and accidently doing this to myself? Only thing that seems to work is closing game and reloading. Ive tried everything from reconnecting controller/alt controller/hopping in out of game/ending turn/the power of prayer. Thankfully it happens immediately upon mission start never mid mission.

Anyways awesome game so please help me enjoy it more :]


Yeah, I’m having this issue on Xbox as well. I’ve looked online and I can’t find an answer. This is the closest I’ve gotten.

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Same issue here. Most of the buttons stop working on mission load. After closing the game and reloading, it usually starts working again.

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Damn. It seems to be happening more often the farther I get into the game. Very strange.

I have actually come to a scavenging mission where no matter what Ido, relaod, exit game, etc. I have lost basic controller functions. This persists even if I send my craft elsewhere and then back to the location

I’m also on xbox and get this issue about every 4 missions. I have full camera control but only abilities seem to work. B never works. Even in the pause menu I am unable to scroll up / down to save the game before reloading.