Game is not working on ps4 after patch 1.06

Italy based, ps4 pro with latest firmware update (9.03). Whenever i start a tactical mission game crashes, no matter what, on the start of round 2. It’s impossible to play. Please fix it ASAP because this patch just make this game totally unplayable.

Hello? Anyone there? I’d like to play the game i paid for like before you screwed it up with this new patch…

@Valygar you have issue here.

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@Asteroid you need to wait. Developers rarely respond to every post. But probably they know the issue and work on it. As it has shown on several community sites. We will probably see it in next patch notes as fixed, but it is hard to say when it will happen.

Cool. It’s 2 patches in a row that made things worse… i can only hope the next one will be the right one :slight_smile:

Hopefully, 3rd time is a charm.