Backer Build 4 and Epic DRM

A question asked a lot is about the Epic Game Launcher DRM system. DRM on Epic is decided by the game’s developer.

We have opted not to use DRM for Phoenix Point.

The Epic Games Launcher is required to download and install Phoenix Point, along with providing updates. However, you do not need to run the Epic Games Launcher to run Phoenix Point.

By default, the desktop shortcut that the Epic Launcher creates starts the game via the launcher. However, you can navigate to the installation directory for Phoenix Point (where ever you specified during the installation) and launch the game directly from the executable (and even make a shortcut to that on your desktop).

It is also possible to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher from your system and still play Phoenix Point. To do this, you will need to move your Phoenix Point folder to a new location after installation (as uninstalling the Epic Games Launcher tries to tidy up all installed files/folders).

If you do not move the Phoenix Point folder first, it will get uninstalled with the Epic Games Launcher.


Ive downloaded the luncher and added my code for phoenix point how ever it says its unavailable

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Restart the launcher


where exactly i find my code for phoenix point what i can use in epic store?

Check your spam/trash folders for the email from contact @ If it is a gmail account, also check under promotions. Also, if the email account is not the one associated with your method of paymeny, check that one.

oops, i didnt see that email :stuck_out_tongue: nvm

It’s alright. It happens

Anyone know if you didnt get your key for being a backer for the build 4 if there is a way to contact someone to see if they can resend one? I may have accidentally deleted it if it went into my spam mail.

@gohanf22 send an email to