How to install PP on Steam

I’ve received the mail with the download link for windows, but when I try to run it, there’s a message saying there’s a file missing in the folder, I delete it and downloaded again twice and it’s still not working, so I think that maybe I can play it in steam but I don’t know how.

Phoenix Point is currently not yet released and also not in Early Access, so it is not yet in any way available via Steam (or GOG for that matter).

Could you please provide either the exact wording of the error message of preferably a screenshot of same?

The archive itself definitely is not damaged and contains all necessary files, but you might be lacking one of the framework runtimes or something like that.

Overzealous Antivirus maybe? Not impossible.

Might be, but from what I’ve seen so far, that mostly either stops the .exe from being executed, or deletes the entire folder outright, apparently – deleting just a file, and then not even the .exe itself, that would be a new one.

But apparently there are a lot of crazy and completely misconfigured heuristics and AV suites out there, yeah.

When i try to open the .exe, there’s a message that says that it can’t continue with the execution cause don’t find UnityPlayer.dll…

Done!!! I can play now!! thx!

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Happy to hear that!
Would be great if you could share how exactly you managed to fix your issue in the end, just in case someone else having the exact same troubles. :tophat:

Yes no problem, first, I’m Spanish so sorry for my English faults :sweat_smile:
It was easy, just unzip the folder, then run the
.exe but as an administrator, that was my mistake, once you did that, just have to agree that you’re sure to open that file, and done, enjoying the game!
Thx for your help!