My adventures in steam linking Phoenix Point to my phone

If you follow the Reddit I posted a steam controller setup awhile back. Well here’s the updated version of it and the game feels amazing with it!!

How to replicate this is simple. Have a Bluetooth compatible controller and the steam link app on your smart device. Steam link is found on the google play store. Follow their directions and boom. You got Phoenix Point in the palms of your hands free from that oppressive desk.

Now on to gripes that snapshot can’t fix in it’s current iteration. There’s a slight lag but nothing too crazy. If it force closes or you shut off the screen on your smart device it loses sync. All of this is most likely due to not having it dedicated on steam yet so it’s most likely going to be a self correcting issue.

Would I recommend it? Yea. Being a dad of toddlers I gotta stay out of the computer room to watch them.

Now if you really want to get fancy and lose the phone… Save the money on the hard wired steam link and buy an adapter to display HDMI and charging to repeat to your big screen tv for a console experience.

More pictures to follow up on this soon™️


Instead of buying a dedicated mount a cheap articulating tripod will be good enough for budget gaming. This was about 8 dollars at Walmart and it’s sturdy enough for me to trust it with my smart phone.

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