Starting to feel very petty

I have not had a game session on Phoenix Point where I haven’t left with a bad taste in my mouth for quite some time now. I am a backer and have been here since the start. It would seem the game’s only goal these days is to kamikaze, just to injure one guy’s arm. To have a mob make an impossible shot across the map to injure an arm of one of my guys, or to have my Team miss 18 out of 20 shots (which actually happened to my level 7 team this week). What is the goal here? Please make AI intelligent, not annoying.

These Pandoran’s only mission it would seem these days is to get that one guy on our Team. Not to actually win a battle.

For example when a base is attacked, which the Phoenix operatives know about 24 hours beforehand. You put several of my Team at the back of my base. What is the point of this? Did they have to go brush their teeth first? Did they miss the memo?

When I am sighing out of frustration at the ineptitude of my Team’s lack of deserving their positions as Phoenix Operatives, their lack of marksmanship (referring to, of course, the fact that if there is a sliver of space in the hit box, the bullets go there) and the Pandoran’s utter luck maybe it’s time to find another game to play.


You made my day with this sentence "Did they have to go brush their teeth first? " :joy:


I agree with the AI issues and the positioning of soldiers on base defenses, but I never had problems with shooting at and being shot at, specially because this game hit and miss mechanic is not entirely random as in firaxcoms.

You seem to know the game enough so I assume you know how the circles work… I guess you were just unlucky or was just too far away from your enemies. Maybe try exchanging some equipment for others with +acc bonuses… I do this for helmets in almost all my soldiers, except priests.


Good call yes, I realize the circumstances were most likely relating to really bad luck. It has occurred to me that since this happened that I remember the misses far more than the hits. Guilty of pessimistic outlook haha. Thanks for the tips.


I am glad. I prefer PP shooting system - feels way more realistic then Xcom reboots. Angles do matter, distance, weapon, accuracy that soldier has. Instead of shooting from spot really try to shoot from higher (elevated) positions, clear angles and as enemies get stronger - destroy the limb and shoot more at it. Always faster way to kill.