Phoenix point, a year old?

It’s been nearly a year, so I thought I would replay.
Some feedback - played games from Veteran to Heroic.

  1. I find Subject24 boring. I just can’t find any reason to side with them
  2. Doing the missions to get the next faction rank is easy and has zero impact on other factions
  3. Would be nice if equipment and armour sometimes dropped off enemies that clearly have it
  4. Some build queue imbalances - zero time to construct a missile, but a grenade takes a 4h slot. It’s not like the new inventory lets you carry 20 grenades.
  5. I found that more than one base store is basically useless. Everything I had fits into <60 space, the rest is on soldiers. Similar for troop training - put 3 or 4 at one base, sell the rest.
  6. Still can’t see the character skills on troops at havens before you hire them?
  7. The troop icon, in haven recruiting and the on the recruit screen, needs a tooltip telling you the class - for those unfamiliar with all the symbols
  8. Still not finding much use for soldiers outside of getting skills for a berserker. Rapid clearance still pretty useless for the base class because of terrible assault rifle damage.
  9. Not a fan of the bomb Chiron chucking 5 closely clustered bombs at you a turn - 3 often land together and either kill 300hp troops outright, or the multiple bleed counters kill them first thing next turn.
    My worst mission with one of these? An almost cover-free recovery mission. It killed 3 people before I reached the first wreck of a building. I know I know - retreat is an option.
  10. AI still cheats like hell as far as spotting is concerned. After a faction soldier has fired at a Chiron, it seems to automatically know where PP troops are, even if they miles away.
  11. Sorry, but the landing craft animation is still a bit pointless. Skippable, thankfully, but pointless.
  12. Vehicles seem redundant now vs. the 3 troops they displace. Aside from maybe bomb Chiron target practice :slight_smile:
  13. HP healing at bases is waaaay too slow. It’s easier to take a troop on a mission and just medkit them. Would prefer to see HPs heal faster to a percentage of max, but with an injury recovery penalty, then the later research improves recovery time.
  14. Scylla are still a bit stupid, and the indestructible walls in their lair has made killboxing trivial, IMO
  15. Why still all the rounding to 10 and manufacturing to the hour?
  16. Again, I had a couple of games where I could not get off North America as there was no available nodes to get into Siberia or across Greenland. The PP base mission wasn’t accessible.
    Havens died, and it set me back a bunch. Eventually got 3 random (?) missions from donating to a haven in South America, one of which allowed me to get off the continent.
  17. Not sure about the ancients biotech stuff; The effort vs. reward isn’t really appealing to me.
  18. After capturing a live goo Chiron, game wanted me to catch another one to research anti-goo footwear. Similar for mind control node research and my first Siren.
  19. Observed bionic jump enabled AI just randomly jumping two squares away, for what seems like no reason
  20. A mob with Tar Shadow ability needs making a bit more obvious. Okay, yeah, I run in 4k - the purple wisps are barely noticable; very much #firstworldproblems.
  21. The Destiny III laser seems a bit OP, considering it can target any body part with unerring accuracy.
  22. Tooltip for a base invasion was hidden under a lot of construction tooltips - I’d like to see that in the middle at the top of the screen in red.
  23. Would like some different options to control when the game pauses - like when a squad are fully healed
  24. Would like to see the “click to power this base facility up” bit retired. Seems like a hangover from an old idea. If you build/repair it, it should get powered
  25. Viral before “panic immunity”? Without it, 3 hits from a redeemer means a lost unit
  26. Need more VIP units. I know the “Pirate who would be king” only used a Jericho armoured unit as the “boss”, but it did stand out as something different.

I was trying to pick some stuff from a new player PoV, but I still had good times.
I’m hoping that festering skies breaks up the boots on the ground bit, and unlike the originals, you can choose to go scorched earth on the crash site and just get minimal stuff back.

Cheers all.

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Cybernetics lab and ability to cyber ehance your soldiers? I also find him style strange, but that is how future looks like :slight_smile:

Its harder then everyday missions, depends how your soldiers have progressed. OK, you are right, they might be more complex or have more impact on fractions too. Major impact is when you get all heavens map and get all the tech, but I agree “too little, too far”. Some “in between conetxt” would be nice.

Yes, agreed, I would prefer less bases, wider range of operation - instead of “7 plus bases concept”. More like original XCom - one base to start, freedom to build more if needed and no need to have base near the myst to find the nests (as it was before some update)

No, you see class and equipment , but mostly is class dependent anyway.

Agreed, late game needs improved assault rifles.

Would love to see skip anims in options. Nice first time …

Seems like Pandorans have extreme perception in many ways - spotting from far ahead as other example.

Build more medical facilities, but yes I also find medikit healing faster, and stamina as only operational limit.

Nah, would like to see more enemies like that :slight_smile:

You often need to steal (or ally obtain) Disciples of Anu ship to reach distant continents - planes have operational range and PP one is fast in flight but terrible in range.

Agreed, but looking from point of preparing for palace mission and having weapons with no ammo (and just few living weapons) I imagine playing so hard to equip full squad, so they could bring medi kits in all other slots, making finally entity fight doable :slight_smile:

Did not pay attention to Advanced lasers, but thanks - unlimited range and higher damage then Furry missles, thanks!

In Arkham update if aliens are invading your base, its above all infos. Its just not flashing :slight_smile:

Yes, that and once base facilities are repaired. Or please make them turn on automatically!

Agreed, we often forget to do it and its not being used.

Yup, more middle bosses!

In the end, while its nice to hear your impressions here, after today Polaris update, see what has not yet been improved and make proposals here

Its only way to “change the game”