So after a couple of months went to replay Phoenix Point

As I’m sure happened to most of us, I just stoped playing Phoenix Point, waiting for Backer Build 3. But yesterday went to replay it, and some funny things went for it:

(Do bear in mind that this is not a critique nor a review, just some loose thoughts)

  1. The heavy went to the top of the roof where an alien was ambushing my troops, and knocked him down so hard he literally went through the roof protection and came crashing down to the ground.

  2. My sniper was in the top of the control tower, and still was unable to get a hit to any single alien! But in turn the aliens did get super telescopic x-ray vision and got the sniper in return fire! Return fire. To a sniper! On the most elevated place of the level!!

  3. Then the heavy was also on the top of that same tower and the queen proceedes to destroy exactly half of the tower. Half of the tower, which didnt came crumbling down, which allowed a forgotten turret to attract the attention of her highness, who went to destroy it, therefore sparing the heavy.

  4. If the aliens have super telescopic x-ray vision, then the queen gets super duper hyper mega awesomer’o armour, because even the explosives were chipping away, at most, two armour of her. Heavy’s and Armadillo weapons were not doing anything to her.

Ah, well! I know the game is not balanced as of yet, but I did found it with fond memories to return to Fort Freiheit. Always thought the ability to allow us to create our own background stories for soldiers aliens and battles was one of the most superb invisible features of XCom.

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How they could use return fire in their turn? Their return fire only works in players turn. So you had to shoot something with your sniper. And like you said let’s wait for all mechanics and balance stuff and see what we will get. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you’re right, of course. I was writing in the phone and not quite aware of what I was writing. But it was just meant to show that my sniper was not getting a single shot, but was getting shredded anyway by the enemy.

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Thanks for reminding us (and developers, hopefully) of most annoying engine bugs.

Add random spawn of enemies and these are most HC bugs that one expect BB3 to kill, especially taking larger wait time. If they continue, we could expect some of bugs to go on and “listening players feedback” as false prophecy.

Ah, well, as I said, for me this was not even a critique, just some loose notes :blush: I have total faith that the team will iron out these bugs, balance things out, develop the promised features and still present us with a surprise or two. BB3 will be very interesting

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yeah, they mentioned in Discord they’ll be balancing return fire, like making it based on field of view and so on.

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