Stalled, out of missions and research. Now what?

I’ve done every mission on my list. Done all of the research available. I’ve researched the Yoggthian entity and the virophage to get that sniper rifle, but now there’s nothing. What do I do next? The only captures I haven’t done are worms. The only mission left is a random LoTA item recipe. I’m missing something, and my guess is it’s something obvious, but I don’t see it. Any thoughts?

Did you do all faction missions as well and the allied status at 75%+?

Do you also have pandoran telepathic nodule, scylla vivisection or yugothian receptable researched?

For virophage injector(aka victory condition without faction alliance) you need virophage weapons, pandoran telepathic nodule and yugothian receptable researched. For yugothian receptable you need yugothian entity, pandoran citadel and scylla vivisection researched.

I have stage two diplomacy but not three yet. There have not been either of the two later stage Pandoran bases yet. I haven’t even seen a Scylla or a citadel this game. Do I just keep floating around being nice to people until the Pandorans get their act together?

Level 3 diplomacy is required to kick in any faction endgame scenario.

Ah, yeah if you haven’t run into citadels yet that explains stuff. Though I’m surprised you managed to finish research tree without running into them ._.

Well I recommend working towards geoscape locations, expanding bases and unlocking rest of faction research at 75% while waiting citadels to pop up.(after that point you can research faction’s research for them at faster pace than they would unlock it themselves)