Synedrion site construction stuck - story spoiler

Hi, construction of the launch site says 1d remaning, 0%. What should I do? Is it a bug? I tried to have good relations with all factions so the relations with Synedrion dropped from allied to aligned - now around +65. Does it have anything to do with it or is it a bug caused by their haven being attacked? I also read that repairing their research labs can help resume construction but I cannot see any damaged labs and do not know how to repair them.

Otherwise the game is great - on my first playthrough, veteran diff., very tense. Please do tell me I can remedy this problem, I have little time to play (work and family), I purchased the ultra edition early on and waited 2 years to finally play this, hoping it would be bug free. I hate game breaking bugs in the endgame while having tight real life schedule.

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I think unless the Haven was destroyed or you got into war with Synedrion you should be fine.

Repairing is done from Geoscape - click on Haven and go to Haven Info.

If I were you I would save the game, and let the time run for few weeks. If the construction gets finished then just load the save and play normally.

In case it does not get finished you can go for different ending (Anu, New Jericho or Phoenix Project).

If you upload your save I am willing to look at it.

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Thanks for the help. I tried fast forwarding time and yes, the construction resumed. I do not know how but the site is finished. Is the construction supposed to proceed in leaps? I think it changed from 0% to 62% and then to finished in a couple of steps. I expected precise timer as it works with regular buildings in my bases so that got me worried.

I am not really in a hurry (60% population remaining, I guess that is ok) but recently Scyllas began to appear and when combined with one or two Acherons and lesser minions they give me headaches.

you are completely fine, and scylla’s are supposed to give you a hard time, they are apex pandorans so to say. gl on your run

I finished the game yesterday with 58 percent pop remaining. Overall, a great game - many paths to explore with all the DLC. The last mission was manageable because I took a lot of ammo and health packs plus goo immunity addons. For the boss, the mounted laser and machine guns or living weapons combined with rage bursts proved very efficient. Plus mind crush to deal with many worms at once. Only gradually I started to appreciate the body parts mechanics and how to deal with intimidating enemies with thousands of hitpoints by destroying body parts.

well played, and its good to hear you like the game

I’ve always found the last boss was a sort of jack-out-of-the-box enemy because he uses a mechanic not previously used anywhere in the game. (though this is somewhat to be expected from a endboss level enemy… but still) this can result in players that meet him for the first time to get completely stomped. on top of that the mission is a long one, and unless you specifically prepare for that or have weapons from a specific DLC you can actually run out of ammo on that mission. I’ve seen complaints about both.

I hope you consider another run, and have fun with it just like you had with this one.

Counter is broken. It doesn’t show exact value. But if Synedrion (or any other faction) has working Research sites they will finish their last site.

Ok. That explains everything.