I am a Bit Stuck

I am playing on vetern this time round and I am at an impass. I have 100% with all 3 factions, have defended Anu rebellion, defeated attack on west and got igor to the moon but since then nothing no information on the final location oh and the meters at 50%. I have destroyed all citidals and fastforwarded on full speed but still silence. What am I missing this time round

Did you made all objectives from geoscape and have done all research?

Yes I had this once when trying for the Synedrion ending. It’s not obvious but you have to also take the phoenix point missions to a certain point until the factions next step is triggered. I’ll leave it at that to avoid spoilers.

Yes I have completed all the research and missions. Last message was from the moonshot mission which was relaying information as to the location of the palace. I have completed the game before.

Have you researched a captive siren, that made a difference for me in a previous game? Not sure exactly, but it led on something to do with telepathic implants.

No actually I have not nor a scala but when I completed the last game I got the location from west not long after I had defended his compound. Since then I have sent a rocket to the moon and defeated the Anu uprising and I still dont know the location of the palace to enter the endgame.

My understanding is that it is research related. When I asked in the past, but I honestly couldn’t tell the exact requirements. The user ‘Pantolomin’ nudged me in the correct direction with a post. I believe it to be the following:

Click to blue heading to access it.

I’m on vacation so I don’t have access to my text file with the requirements for all factions but I’m quite sure that doing the telepathic nodule research that follows the capture of a Siren is needed for all victorious endings.

Thank you guess i will do that now if they will only oblige And attack a base so I can access a lot of sirens!