Pandoran Citadels... Where art thou?

I’ve returned to the game after a 6 month hiatus and things have changed!

Everything is much better now but I’ve encountered one thing… I’ve not encountered any citadels. Plenty of lairs and nests but the biggie eludes me. Is it a bug or is there something really obvious that’s been changed (since the first couple of months after release) and I’ve misssed?

Which difficulty and ingame date are you?
On Veteran they are coming up around early February, on Rookie later and on higher difficulties earlier.

Did you got the evolution report for Citadels?
If not, then you have to play ahead, they will come for sure.

Otherwise just play ahead, at some point they attack a haven and with a successful defence it should reveal the attacking Citadel if the haven is in the scanning range of your bases.

It’s 14/4/2047 and I’m playing on veteran level. I’m not sure if I have that research or not, what is it called?

I’m quite late game now. All the factions are at war, population has plummeted to 28% and I’ve still not seen a citadel. At this rate I’m going to go extinct!

Oh, this is really quite late in the game and you should have seen Citadels for sure.
AFAIK you need no researches to get Citadels, they should come from alone. But maybe they can only get revealed with the research of the Lairs, not sure though.

How many bases and research labs do you have?

I think you missed something and maybe your campaign is not winnable. 28% is not much and you still have a good way to go.

I’ve got 8 viable bases and 3 labs.

Do smallers nets/liars still combine to make a citadel or has that changed?

3 Labs is not enough, you need more, around 8-10, the more the better, but I doubt that you can get these in time.

Citadels spawn on their own now, but Nests can still grow up to Lairs and these to Citadels.

You should consider to start a new campaign (or load an older save) because I really doubt that you can finish all the researches in time that are needed to get to the end.

I would recommend the official wiki with its really good guide (on the left side), here you can also find a tech tree to see what you need to get ahead:

I’ve pretty much got everything necessary researched and I’m on the New Jericho Command Fortress. The problem is that I haven’t encoutered a citadel so have hit a brick wall.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to restart and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Theoretical it should work for the NJ end without a Citadel, but I never tried that.

Important are the Siren vivisection and the Telepathic Nodule afterwards to get further to this end and of course the Phoenix Point Symes missions and researches to Antarctica.

But with 28% … hard to achieve if not impossible.

Luckily, a citadel finally appeared. I haven’t finished researching it yet, however West has built his comand fortress, so I’m guessing the game can be finished without completeing the citadel research. That said, if memory serves, it may be required for the PP ending solely.