Squad Templates - Soldier management

Greetings all, I was thinking last night about all of the times that I’ve had soldiers shot to hell and back. In those moments if you are fortunate, you’ve got a secondary squad to take the field and let the first (or second for that matter) rest up.

When considering squad tactics, possible affinities (ala WotC) and real life mechanics. You might expect a squad of soldiers to be a cohesive unit that has trained together and can rely upon one another.

My question is this: Would anyone else be interested to see a squad management tab in your base, which would allow you to build a template for ease of future deployment? Hopefully that makes sense. I’ll break it down a little.

Say you have 20 soldiers; knowing you can only field 6 at a time (for this example), It might be nice to have Teams chosen and kitted out in advance. Maybe Color coded (Red team, green, etc), or Alpha, Beta, Charlie, (custom names?) whatever.

You have built Alpha to be your #1 go to squad; well rounded, equipped to perfection. Delta squad is built up as more of a breach team, kitted out with heavies, explosives, etc. If we had a menu that we could build and later pick out these squads, I think it could be helpful. Even if it’s only to keep a rotation of units to give healing time.

I like to think that these soldiers are all individuals, I want to know them. Hell, I talk to my soldiers all the time. “Don’t let me down again Ted,” you know? So to have a squad that can succeed together would be great for me; make it more immersive. Otherwise I just tend to throw job types in, maybe pick my fav few soldiers. “I’ll take Tom, plus need a sniper and a heavy” They can stop being individuals, and end up being blank faced jobs.

I want to customize my people and group them together for whatever mad reason’s I might have. Soldiers can be assigned to more than one team, maybe even. Like a Sports team, they work together and come up with what works. Offensive, defensive, special teams; whatever.

Hell, I’m rambling now. Anyone have thoughts? Or am I alone here? Thanks for reading me out.


Nice idea. But I’m afraid that having those 20 soldiers you would need to create something like 10 teams of 6 soldiers each go be able to send some of them if let say 4 to 8 of your soldiers get injured or infected. Otherwise you would need to rotate soldiers within a team which would not make sense anymore

Not to say that these are exclusive lists, but time savers. Shortcuts if you will. Use it or not, as many or as few as you’d like. Maybe fill a roster, then switch out one of six. That kind of thing.

Heck. If they are talking of using points (instead of chairs on a plane) to fill a roster, then I really do think that a shortcut to some favorite lists would be helpful. :shrug:

Cheers Yokes

I really love this idea, and its something i hope will be implemented. A sort of realistic scenario where perhaps a synergy bonus would occur if soldiers had taken a ton of missions together.

Eg. Ammo trow, without a willpower check because, they are just so in sync. or perhaps when ever lets call him bob shoots someone, and misses “joe” will do free attempt.

aswell as perhaps a negative impact, if you’re bootcamp brother bob dies. joe gets mega depressed after a combat and need to sit out for a fight. or maybe two…

Aswell, as perhaps, unlocking funny ingame phrases, - Like bob gets a kill Joe; "that one doesnt count, he was allready clipped… "


I like the idea, but teams might be a little unwieldy…you’d have to reorganize them when you get bigger transports and so on. Xenonauts had a feature where you could save loadouts (equipment sets for all your heavies, snipers, etc., or make your own, like shieldbearing grenadiers or whatever) and apply them to your troops. I’d be surprised if PP didn’t have something similar, if Xenonauts could do it it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

That was made in the ufo after series, you have several tabs where you put the soldiers and their equipement and then and you choose wich team you want to send to each mission. Also they did squads in LW2 in a simmilar way.

I would like to have this kind of quality of life feature because usually it spares some time arranging the teams.

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Hmm. Well if LW2 and the UFO series could do it, maybe it’ll be practical for PP.

I quite like the idea of this. It feels realistic to have squads, and it’s something that I’ve not seen before in TBS games (could well be a reason for that).

I like the thought of soldiers gaining coordination bonuses if they’re operating in a squad with other soldiers that their familiar with. An extension of the buddy feature from Xcom2 if you like. Football Manager type games often use this type of mechanic, and it can lead to the player having to make some hard decisions around who to send out on the field with who.

Even if it’s just utility/cosmetic. I like the idea of an alpha squad that can potentially be the heroes of my game, or, conversely, get wiped out/disbanded and appear on my wall of remembrance.