Suggestion: Bonding, Group Shot systems

Hi guys!

I’d like to suggest a bonding system between characters, might be a good thing.
I remember getting attached to a character that I’ve named on the original Xcom and it’d be pretty cool if we could get more things to make us create a bond with the characters and their relationships between themselves.

And about the group fire, something like some special combo shots that could be done with specific characters within those traits.

does that make any sense?


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It makes sense, but that would be a direct copy of what FIRAXIS xcom done.

TBH I wasn’t a massive fan of it in xcom. Looking to work out who was paired with who when deploying. Is this guys pair available? Who was it, are they injured, or worn out… Then, when in the tactical keeping those two within range etc.

It would be good to have a similar… but not the same. I would rather have a “team work” perk, that means that soldier can help anyone close to them in the field… rather than just that one other particular soldier.

Sounds a bit like “Officer” traits from long war. I thought it worked really well.

I do like the idea of soldiers bonding with each other, though I didn’t find WotC ways of doing it working for me. It was too fiddly to take proper advantage of it. Also, as it encouraged sending bonded soldiers together, it led to my party compositions being quite samey. WIth the limited solidier count per mission, I would prefer to treat them as individuals when putting together a squad.

is not a bad idea to have soldiers bond one with other just that not limited to one other soldier and no more, and I would go with a bound where soldiers can share an specific ability of their class for that mission would be interesting