Suggestion: (bump if you agree) More soldier customization and even more diverse enemies

I’m sure that this is already in the works, but I figured I’d suggest it to possibly reinforce the necessity. I love the lore so far, and I can see the lore leading up to a war that will only intensify in the future once humanity has to confront the true cause of the pandoravirus. That being said, I would love to see WAY more cosmetic options for my squads. Right now they seem very bland, not just the look of the soldiers but their armor too, the customization feels so limited. Please expand on cosmetics in this otherwise amazing game.

I believe this game is very underrated, despite having generally favorable reviews, it could use a little more recognition. That being said, there’s always room for improvements and I’m looking forward to seeing this game continue to expand and better itself in terms of customization, gameplay mechanics, and lore. Keep up the great work, and please keep expanding!

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to elaborate on customization options, some examples: hats, blemishes, scars, other accessories. Better armor color schemes/customization options for each different armor type. When I’m trying to make someone have black armor it should be black, but current armor types have a general color scheme that can’t be overridden.

Different attitudes and personalities of squad mates, which will effect their voices (if this is feasible w/ getting more voice acting done). It’d also be kind of cool if soldiers who survive an injury, or barely survive, get scarred up (with option to remove).

just an example.

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For me it is not important part of strategy game.

This could be interesting. At least with personalites.

I’m all for it. My headcanon that “everyone in 2047 is a clone of Norman Reedus” is wearing thin. I miss my killer babe squads from XCOM 2.

My bitching about the enemy variety is already on record here too so yep! Very yep.

So way down the priority list that I’d chalk it up to backer delusions at this stage. There’s a million things to do to bring this game up to standards before personalities.

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I see suggestions like this in the same way I’d react to suggestions that Syria should put money and time into forming a synchronized swimming team.

Superfluous and low priority but absolutely fucking fabulous?