[Feature request] Named squads, squad roles and formations

While in Firaxis XComs you tend to have few troops (even in WotC there is no reason to have more than 12 active troops), and so you can remember each one of them, in PP with 3+ squads flying around I feel like it’s the squads, not the individual soldiers who have most “personality”.

It would be nice if the player could organize the soldiers into squads and give them names. Even nicer if it would be possible to:

  • assign some roles within the squad, such as squad leader and second in command, and give them some abilities (for example, prevent panic when WP goes below 0, or boost psychic defense) and penalties if they die.

  • choose a deployment formation, so that it would be possible to have the tanks and scouts in front, the snipers and grenade launchers in the back, etc., instead of the current random deployment.

EDIT: created a ticket on canny: https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/feedback/p/create-squads-assign-roles-within-and-choose-deployment-formations


Something like that was considered but as we can see not developed. :frowning:

I would also suggest to allow player setup planes squads, I don’t think it would be too much streamlining.

For soldiers squads, for me it would be enough to allow create squads with names, UI squads, affect/unaffect soldiers to one squad. Go further is good but more optional. I think just squads can add a lot to the fun. In Long War 2 it’s great but counter balanced by inefficiency, that is stick soldiers to squads is lower efficiency. I don’t think it would be a problem with PP because there’s no injuries to really manage, and missions squad sizes are more fixed.