Soldier Aircraft Loadouts

Can you make it easier to mass load in and load out soldiers in and off the aircrafts? Maybe something like a multi-unit selection option of who you’d want to load in or load out of the aircraft. I imagine this process will help with fatigue and time it’s already taking to gear up the squad and will be more complex as we’re able to load more units later on.

btw I LOVE that they’re doing a better reboot of the original X-COM series. The recent reboots were such a disappointment. I feel like Phoenix Point is def going the right direction!


Have you tried XCom with the Long War mod ? Maybe you would feel less disappointed.

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@djhwarang the interface for loading and unloading troops leaves a lot to be desired. But then that bit feels very unfinished so I imagine it will be sorted out by the time the final game comes out.

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