Someone is Sabotaging My Bases

I just discovered that several of my bases have had their facilities sabotaged. Several bases have had the power turned off for facilities that I know were powered up. One my bases had a Mist Repeller “jammed”. It was powered on, but was not finishing its repelling. I had to turn off the power and power it back up again before it started repelling again.

Are these bases over 20 power and using the Synedrion tech to boost power output to keep up? The game more or less forgets we have that techeach time we load a battle or save, exit and later return to it. Lots of my stuff was getting shut off due to this bug, though there is a mod to fix that.

If you don’t have that tech however that might just be a bug… not found anything of mine sabotaged outside of that.

I am pretty sure I got that tech and that may be the case. I didn’t notice at the time whether they all were over 20, but it’s possible.

It’s a bug. There’s a mod to fix it I wish they had rolled that fix into the latest patch since it’s pretty obvious.

Aliens probably Sabatog electricity.

LOL alien sabotage! in my case it was not automatically turned on after repairing the base.

Me thinks the virus is beginning to take hold, I don’t know how much longer I have left before i missspill everything. :blush:

I’ve noticed that when you discover a new base and the generator is damaged, the game does not turn things on when it is repaired.
You have to manually click on each and every one of the them…

Annoying but I don’t think that’s a bug. Be reeeaalll nice if there was a notification of power outage though. It sucks to go several days not noticing your second lab or factory is offline.