2nd Base Causes First base to Depower

Upon finding my second base, my first base always has sections power down, usually the living quarters, vehicle bay, medical bays. They power right back up when I click on them but if I forget my troops spend a lot of time at the base not resting and not healing, so it’s a bad thing.

Before anyone asks, yes I have enough power.

I have this bug, but I don’t know if it requires having a second base. What happened was I got the synedrion factions 50% power generation bonus, and added 3 more power using buildings to my base, raising my consumption to 23/30. I noticed every time I completed a mission my base turned certain buildings off until it got to 20/30 (the max power before the 50% bonus). When I deconstructed buildings until my consumption was back to 20, all buildings remained powered.

I think this bug is directly linked to the bonus power tech. Hope this adds clarity.

it is with the synedrion fusion tech. It seems to get applied after the check for if the base facilities have enough power, rather than before

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same synedrion issue here. after i got the +50% power bonus, my base reverts to 20/30 power after any mission.