Some base builds have some power shut off after every mission

I feel like I reported it before but can’t find it?

After I finished the Synedrion ally quest, my phoenix point base shuts off power for a few units. It shuts off power after every mission. I have to go back and manually turn on the medical bay and living quarters.

Happened to me also. Don’t know why. Seems like a half implemented feature of shutting off power from unused facilities.

It’s a known bug that has something to do with how bases handle power above 20 points.

It is a bug with the Synedrion fusion power upgrade tech and how the game checks whether a base has power. The game does the check to see if there is enough power and shuts down facilities before the upgrade from the tech gets applied

There is a mod that fixes it, or you can build a second power generator

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^This. Thank you, I couldn’t recall the specifics.

you’re welcome