Random power outage in buildings

Random buildings were powered down for no reason. Maybe when I got the power upgrade from Synderon? Probably not though. Either way very annoying because I had only one containment unit and it lost power. The 3 sirens, 2 chirons and other random units I had stored there are all gone. Guess I won’t be making that mutog any time soon…

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It is the Synedrion fusion power upgrade. The game seems to check whether there is enough power before applying the upgrade

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Yeah. After loading a couple of times, it seems to do that check every time it loads a save. So it’ll shut down random buildings every time you continue your game. Pretty terrible if you lose every alien in containment every time you load up.

until it gets patched, best to just have a second generator

Yeah. Just annoying in the early game when you need space.

Yeah, I was wondering why hours were passing and my guys weren’t resting up, then I saw the living quarters was powered down. Thanks for the info.