Living Quarters and Medical Bay Turn Off

After each mission I must go in and turn back on certain base’s medical and living areas. Though it is more an inconvenience than anything else it can become frustrating when you are multitasking multiple units/fronts and your people are not healing due to this bug.

I am not sure if it turning off automatically because the power is over 20 and it is not recognizing the faction’s ability granted to increase power by 50% (30 on mine). Regardless, it only happens at some bases, not all, and all are over 20 power currently.


That’s it, each time i load up this game i have to manually power up those buildings.

You are doing better than me @Alex1. I have to start them up after each mission…

it is bug, but there is fix to this with a mod:

The bug seems to be coming from the 1.5x power output bonus. When the bases are “loaded”
(initialized) buildings are seemingly checked for power availability before the bonus gets applied.

Serves me right for building all those food sources… Where it really hurts is having alien containment built on a 20+ power base. Pretty much had to tear it down and build it on another base.

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building a second power generator also works