Some very little things

Just little details that dont change the game just make it IMHO a bit easier to play.

Trading; you have to click very many times to exchange 150 tech for res, adding a slider would be nice.

In the Personnel Health is Green and Stamina light blue (cyan aqua dont know how to call it) in Geoscape health is light blue and stamina white. Use the same color coding for both

In personell, when you have two populated bases, and you want to decide the team that will go on the Manticore would be nice to have a filter not to see soldiers in the other bases

When deploying the squad, just before the mission, and check the equipment; again be able to filter off soldiers not in the Manticore

In tactical, on the left there are symbols showing level, training and AP of the soldiers; add the health.

In Bases it marks second base you get as number 1 and starting one as 2; number them in the order we get them. I never had more than two but i guess that when you advance in the game and have half a dozen being able to rename them like: North Africa, Pakistan, Japan, Alaska could be useful.

I support that. the same case for scrapping 150 devouer magazines


Absolutely. I would like to see a filter for: current base/aircraft and then per base/aircraft

I am almost sure this will be avalable, as some names are so… random, like ‘R&D2’ :smiley:

I found a Phoenix Foxtrot, but never Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo even if i explored a lot

got charlie and delta for sure.

Would be nice to find the Phoenix Golf to rest a bit. Ok I’m out.