Some improvement idea

Get more hovering information on the battle screen, it you put your mouse on a statute effect it can tell you exactly what is doing of effect of the cover.

I feel some time I should be behind cover but no icon show up so adding more cover ? (And show what it exactly doing for me)

More stat info In your caracter

Adding a pause option on the geoscape so you can set your aircraft on a specific loacation whitour them leaving on the spot

More personal customization (divide the armor coloring option in more part not only two) more face,accessory, hairstyle, facial hair and body option, I want them to be my baby so I feel terrible whe I lose one.

I have the feeling the team lvl too fast , I’m at 8h of game and I’m close to max out many of my caracter, stat should be more expensive to buy … maybe let me choose between havjng One skill of 2 point of stat each lvl

  • give a name to the lvl not only (1 2 3 4 5 etc ) find a way to name the mixt class with original name let the game reward me with nick name when my caracter do some nice (or not nice)thing like (“crab killer” when kill 50 of this ennemy, “blindman” if I miss so many time, eagle If3I crit often , runner for one who move a lot , etc. )

And put a option to hide helmet on the battlefield !