Quality of Life Changes


I have been playing the game for several weeks recently and I personally think the game has solid foundation. However, I think there are some quality of life (QOL) improvements that can be implemented to make the game better. For example:

  1. Option to make faster animation (walking/running/jet pack/shooting)
  2. Better inventory management - in my opinion, it is better to classify items based on item types such as assault rifle/sniper/heavy weapon/grenade/support item rather than soldier class. This way, it is easier to scroll or view the item we want
  3. Ability to rename base and aircraft
  4. Automatic haven defense - Allow a group of soldiers to automatically handle a defense mission based on soldiers’ power and enemies’ strength
  5. Better aircraft UI and soldier management UI

So far, these are what my mind come up. I hope some of these proposals can be implemented in the future patch.

Best regards