XBox QoL improvements

Hi. team!

Long time xcom player here started somewhere 1995. Enjoying your game on xbox, thank you a lot for this great game. There few quality of live improvements that can make your great game even better.

  1. Very important: Tactical autosave. All is needed - very basic - save at the start or end of each turn, what ever you please.
  2. Nice to have. Need to admit you did a good job adjusting UI and UX for controller. But you know OG mouse on XboX will be a dream.
  3. Tiny, low priority - just for the sake of consistency of the game - it will be good if you can allow aircraft scraping. Why don’t raid some havens for aircraft for profit?

Thank you.

This is on the game, at least on PC. You go to the Personnel screen that shows the aircrafts, and if you have an unoccupied craft, it’s says on it “SCRAP AIRCRAFT?”, you select that and it’s gone and you have your resources from it.
Here’s a picture of it on PC: