First Play through Suggestions and Bugs

Suggestions :

Acolyte head = reduce perception bonus from +4 to 0 and give it 25% poison resist that stacks with Poison-Res Vest (the perception can actually be bad wasting ammo for shotguns and the shotgun assaults really need some way to mitigate poison early on.

Anvil-2 head = Increase armor from 33 to 35

Golem-B Head = decrease accuracy deficiency -10 to -5 so it will differentiate from Anvil-2 and so starting heavies suck a little less in heavy armor

Phlegethon head = increase armor from 18 to 20, currently its out classed by Eidolon for aim and TechOps-7 for armor. If you give it 20 armor it becomes a solid base head if your looking to have 20 armor, +10 to hit, without a stealth deficiency.

Wardog head = increase armor from 23 to 25 and decrease stealth to from -5 to -10 (universal tank)

Golem-B body = decrease accuracy deficiency -10 to -5 so it will differentiate from Anvil-2 and so starting heavies suck a little less in heavy armor

Phlegethon body = Increase accuracy from +2 to +5, this gives makes it a better alternate to TechOps-7 for stealth unit willing to risk 20 armor

Wardog body = increase armor from 24 to 30 and decrease stealth to -20 (universal tank)

Eidolon Legs = decrease speed deficiency from -1 to 0 to bring it in line with the other sniper legs speed because it throws off sniper progression if the speeds very. Adding +1 which falls back later when the penalty is removed to the second move swathing to Acheron but leaving snipers with waste.

Golem-B Legs = decrease accuracy deficiency -10 to -5 so it will differentiate from Anvil-2 and so starting heavies suck a little less in heavy armor

Phlegethon legs = Increase accuracy from +4 to +5, this rounds out the set and makes it more interesting to mix.

Wardog Legs = increase armor from 22 to 25 and decrease stealth to -20 and decrease speed from +1 to +0 (universal tank)

Other Quality of life fixes :

  • When I use my last action on a character that still has a free action available such as after quick action or with Extreme Focus while I have a pistol as on of my three active equipped items, If it would stay on the same character even though they have not action points that would be awesome.

  • Adjusted speed, perception, and stealth should show somewhere in the equipment and skills tab

  • On Battle maps my portraits are crowded when there is space for spread them out as normal and the multiclass items are unclear. If the spacing could be improved and the multiclass icons changed to two icons at the bottom and standby being moved to the top left even with the unit level it would make finding my units a lot easier.

  • On the map view, when we get a mission to find and Xcom base, an area like a large raider scan would be nice.

  • If the game could insure at least 1 base for each of the 3 factions in the area of a scan from your starting base, I for one did not find a single Synedrion haven in Europe and north Africa where my base was, It was very late game before I found one and a lot of their unseen bases have already been destroyed making it almost impossible for me to save them or ally with them at this point, all do to bad luck.

  • on the manufacturing screen a toggle all classes button on/of like the soldier equip screen would make finding manufacturing items way faster. More than a search function because I don’t remember all names of what I am looking for.

  • When enemies fire, if it could show them aim the weapon, then pan to the target. I am more interested in knowing the effect on my soldiers than watching projectiles leave guns. Mine control might for example have a delay from when they activate the ability to when it show the effect on my soldier, then I could see both sides.

  • There is no way to tell which enemies are alerted unless you just happen to see that tag. It would be very nice, it alerted shows up on enemy infor.

  • In combat, left clicking portraits should take you to them even if they are the active character, right clicking bring up information. I some times move around to look at enemy targets and it would be very nice to click my still active soldier and move back to it.

  • I leave engineers frequently to look at where turrets are at and what they see. Making it so I can use the aiming when they are not ready to fire would drastically improve so I don’t give an action for manual control only to find I can see just a shoulder when I was hoping to shoot at a launcher arm. Also, activating a turret should move the player to that turret and firing it should return the player to the engineer that activated it as long as there is something the engineer can do.

  • When using the PX Scarab, the Goliath GL-2 in hand, or a grenade in hand, units should see curved line arcs to targets to let them know to some degree if the can move to a location an throw the grenade or if the arch is blocked. On top of that, the high arc requirement could be dropped at half distance and allow for strait shoots/throws. They did this for LRMs in Battletech and I am spoiled now, no longer wanted to except that firing a grenade launcher 5 ft into another room is impossible because of the door frame, when the soldier could just aim lower since round drop is not an issue at that distance. You could tie the distance you can fire striate to manhandling it with strength making the distance you can fire strait 1/3 your strength score. It would also be nice if you could switch between direct fire and arched fire. Also, grenades should show two or three rings on the ground if they could scatter just like guns do when you aim.

  • The ability to look at soldier before we buy them would be nice. Sometimes I have the option of the same class from the 2 different sources and it would be nice to see what personal abilities and mutations they have. I tend to avoid Cult of Anu units because if they bad mutations there is nothing, I can do about it.

  • a way to see all available recruits on a menu instead of scrolling all over the globe, Then have move ship to location with a ship selection drop down.

  • It would be really nice, if campaigns had different save slot menus. Its hard to keep two play throughs separate and if they don’t sync properly on can erase the other. (Also, please fix the sync. I can not force a manual sync or get an automatic sync since January 1st, 2020)

  • Quick Aim should adjust the orange to blue for move and shoot line so you don’t get confused and move to far or short your self movement now that its one less.

  • the “Some weapons are not full loaded!” and “level up” icons should appear on the character equip screen so that small shortages of ammo that are not easily seen don’t require going to the personnel screen to notice. Also, having the level up on the same screen means I can go through on the equipment tab of soldiers and know what I need to do in one pass. As it is I do one pass for gear upgrades, one for reloading ammo I missed, and one for leveling characters.

  • An event log. The pop-up messages are fine, but there is no way to look at them if I miss them.

  • it would be nice if soldier inventory stayed where I put it instead of auto filling to the top. I do like anything they pick up in mission or that I equip in the pre-mission screen is removed.

Bugs :

  • Sometimes when my turrets return fire and kill the enemy, the game focuses on the dead enemy and freezes.

  • Orange, Red, purple, and gold primary color soldier customization are semi transparent and due to the blue back ground orange, red, gold are not orange, red, or gold. However, the secondary color on the same colors work fine except for purple which does half of the secondary pieces purple and the other half red. I only care, because I was going to color code my troops to make it easer to keep track of builds but as a result of this I don’t have some colors I wanted to use. Orange for my flame thrower guy and red for heavy weapons etc.

  • A number of “Stop enemy invasion at heaven Fort ____” for New Jericho defense missions persist after the Fort was destroyed.

  • Not sure if is a glitch or an accidental click from me, but every time I click the menu button it turns the screen. My guess it the turn screen buttons right next to it are to close and may even overlap so it registers on both. Not a big deal but it gets annoying.

  • Base Defense missions have a big area where dash and turrets can’t be placed that makes no since.

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The pistol owerwatch without any action point is such a repetitive boredom that it should be forbidden.

There’s no choice here, it’s repetitive at nausea, and it’s not even so powerful, just open some lucky little RNG bonus. The point is it’s a no choice repetitive action, and just for that should be forbidden.

Preview personal skills is too basic, I disagree with that, different opinion.

For mutations, firstly I got an interesting bug with a soldier with 3 mutations making him very unique. Secondly but you need acquire the research, you can change mutation types, but not remove them. Again it’s the deal and I think the surprise is fine, different preferences and opinion.

Mmm, could be a player option, but after don’t complain on snipers. This is in spirit of the game to be very fair, I remind JA1 you could be sniped and had no clue from what it was coming, you had to guess. Different approach.

To complete/clarify the suggestion, a small yellow icon should appear on any weapon and clip that aren’t full.

EDIT: No more comment, looks like a solid feedback with many points to consider if they can be done and match the global design.