[Backer build 1] Small list of qol improv i'd love to see


I played a game and recorded it because sometimes it’s hard to show something just with a screenshot and i personally didn’t found any game breaking bug, the list below just contains qol improvements and a few are really subjective.

Since i can’t place enough links this is the whole clip and next to each points i’ll place the timestamp

  • Would love to have tooltips (even with just the name) on the actions bar icon 1:36
  • I noticed weird movements while trying to rotate the camera fast (what i was doing was pressing fast q or e) 3:54
  • I wasn’t able to understand why the blocks at the beginning of the map are not considered cover 6:27
  • This is rather personal but my eye sight is not the best and i had some trouble seeing properly the cover icons, especially the orange ones, it’d be helpful if you could make them stand out more 7:01
  • It seemed really weird to me that the alien didn’t move at all in his turn 8:24
  • I personally found tedious to click on a confirmation to open the inventory 9:29
  • I’d suggest you to “freeze” aliens animation when free aiming 13:52
  • In the same clip we can see there is something weird with aliens ragdolls when they die and i also found the camera moving way too fast to show me the alien death 14:35
  • The alien activity label sometimes stays even during my turn 22:14
  • As a general note but maybe it’s only because the ammo are just scarce in this build i’d love to tell a soldier to not use his reaction fire
  • Another weird thing it’s that i wasn’t able to find anywhere, even in the manual, how free aim you can see my struggle in the clip :smiley: and i knew there was the feature just because i’ve heard about it from a Gollop’s interview 5:33
  • In a second attempt i was also able to stuck a soldier inside a wall and kill the queen by just spamming end turn because no one was able to target him (i’ve sent the bug report using the game feature about this one)
  • This is very likely because it’s just an alpha but animations seems a bit “laggy” 17:13

Anyway the most annoying bug is that the soldier don’t miss enough! Literally unplayable! :smiley:

Guys at Snapshot, you are making a great game keep on! I’m proud just to be a backer

Best regards,