Backers Build 2 - spotted bugs and suggestions for improvements

So I have returned to BB2 and played over a dozen games to check what was in this build and how it will change in next Build (tick tack, tick tack, probably 3 weeks ahead?). Also have made a list of bugs which hit me and other suggestion if something wasn’t a bug but in my opinion shouldn’t stay as it is now. Bugs probably were reported many times, so this topic is in feedback (moved to bugs after all), not in bugs section. Probably most of bugs are fixed now. Maybe some of ideas are already implemented in the development build, and maybe developers have better ideas of how to solve some issues, but well maybe I will give at least one good idea. :slight_smile: So here it is (about last 2 I only heard off - couldn’t recreate them):

no. element type issue
1 enemy bug Two enemies spawning in the same spot
2 enemy bug Enemies spawning in places from where they can’t move or act
3 enemy bug Bleeding enemies not bleeding (or at least there is wrong UI representation of damage done)
4 enemy bug Queen and sometimes crabmen freeze and don’t know what to do, she often has it after spawn, and her minions after some fight - they are not under panic or didn’t lost weapon, but they just stand and just end their turn (do they use some kind of ability or what?)
5 UI bug Wrong calculation of move range with missile launcher - often after moving to edge of blue move range I couldn’t shoot
6 UI change Change UI to have counters (HP, ammo, TU)
7 ability change Manual aim in close combat is not user friendly - maybe increase field of view?
8 ability change Fire - let us decide if soldier should be making “step out move” during aiming, now it sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t, definitely not when you use free aiming without enemy
9 ability change Move - let us decide which side our soldier or vehicle is facing after move - it would allow us to protect soldier weapon, maybe set overwatch in particular direction, set Armadillo with more armored side to the enemy
10 ability change Overwatch and Return Fire - let us limit area in which they are working
11 ability change Make mech arms stun attack less effective vs Queen and other bigger creatures
12 ability change Some abilities end turn and some not - can you change it, so none of abilities will end the turn unless we will click “end turn” for each soldier? If you don’t want players to use any ability after such Full-Turn abilities, then maybe set some variable to block all abilities after that Full-Turn ability, but please don’t end the turn for soldier, as players sometimes might want to check inventory, take a glance at new soldier’s surrounding etc.
13 equipment bug PDW is not destructible - it should be like other weapons
14 equipment change Missile Launcher - don’t you think that it should fire in more straight line, not like mortar in arc line
15 equipment change Magazines disappearing during reload, we should retain them
16 equipment change Disappearing equipment after destruction - do they disintegrate? Make them stay in inventory, but add property “not equippable” (like magazines), in full release it would be great if we could repair them in the base
17 equipment change Please make some difference in inventory for moving bigger objects or moving many objects - now picking up Machine Gun, Missile Launcher, 5 magazines, medkit and grenade cost the same amout of TUs as picking up magazine for pistol - also switching all items from items wheel to those in backpack cost the same as reloading a weapon - as it is fun in terms of not limiting you in annihilation of enemies, it is also definitely strange even for simplicity logic. The same idea could be applied to dropping items - ok, you can drop prepared items to ground for 0% of TUs, but dropping all prepared items and emptying your whole backpack should take some time
18 turret bug Turret not regaining HP after repair - visually it is, but few times I had situation where my turret had 10 hp after repair and was destroyed with shot doing 2 or 3 damage
19 abilityt bug Deploying turret cost no TU - can it be so simple?
20 turret change Add reload ability to turret and allow us to see it’s weapon statistics
21 turret change Soldiers loosing willpower after turret’s death, it’s like they all were to loose willpower after destruction of sniper rifle in sniper’s hands (not likely to happen? Unless there is AI within the turret, which is friend of those soldiers and it screams during destruction)
22 props bug Crates sometimes still allow picking up items through walls
23 props bug Crates sometimes are not accessible even if they should be
24 props bug You can enter some objects like car, “batmobile”, concrete walls
25 props bug Sometimes soldier can’t move in few squares around him, but he can run through them to squares which are more away (back of the open map of abandoned base)
26 props bug Queen not knowing how to go around pits
27 queen change Change Queen damage after one of her pincers is destroyed - now it doesn’t affect her except small bleed and loosing few HP from main pool
28 armadillo bug Queen not knowing how to move around Armadillo
29 armadillo bug Armadillo often get stuck after ramming
30 armadillo bug Entering Armadillo takes no time (TU) except depleting the rest of TU. It says it require 100% of TUs, but you can use it having 0 or 1% of soldiers TUs
31 armadillo change Create such funcion as vehicle driver and allow for switching Armadillo’s drivers - when they change take maybe 50% of each of switching soldiers TUs
32 armadillo bug Soldier in Armadillo can’t end his turn - let us end his turn without him getting out of vehicle
33 armadillo change When game switches to next soldier please make the driver of Armadillo inactive
34 armadillo bug Armadillo uses separate TU than driver, please combine APC TUs to driver’s TUs (so if shot from turret takes 50% of TUs then both APC and driver use 50% of TUs - APC move range is of 24 squares, if driver enters it (which also should take TUs) with 37% of TUs left then allow APC to move only for 37%*24 = 9 squares in straight line. AND I’m not sure if all soldiers TUs shouldn’t be tied to APC TUs used for move (and only move) because everyone inside of APC is loosing time when the vehicle is moving, they should not be allowed to move with the driver, then jump out of the vehicle and also shoot, move and do other things if the driver can’t do that. Also binding APC and driver TUs will prevent switching drivers and spamming from gun so if first driver used 50% of TUs then vehicle too, and even if there will be next driver with almost full TUs vehicle still will have only 50%.
35 armadillo bug Soldiers get crash or stuck when entering Armadillo without anything in the items wheel - then if APC moves they die
36 armadillo change Armadillo is not taking any damage while ramming heavy objects - please add some property which will compare density of environment elements and vehicles and bosses, and calculate more damage to those things with less density/power and less to those more durable during collision
37 armadillo change Armadillo should be able to run pass and stop at smaller enemies or soldiers even without ramming, maybe not killing them but definitely making some damage (if he will stop on enemy then enemy can be immobilized and take damage per turn)
38 armadillo change Change ram ability - First of all create an indicator showing what it will destroy during ram attack, and what is maximum range of it - it would be great to be able to set the distance lower than this maximum range, ability should also trigger only after moving some minimum required distance and in that minimum distance it can make damage from point 37 of this table, so sometimes ramming would not be possible if there is not enough space because of some big building or wall, why i want this change? because it is stupid to kill enemy after moving one tile or attack the queen with ram ability standing in the same place, damage of ram could also increase with the distance
39 armadillo bug Armadillo stops while spotting enemy, and sometimes after that it can still activate Ram ability
40 props bug Objective can be reached through the wall (outside of building in which objective is located) - easy example is building where objective is on the 1st floor
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And few more issues

no. element type issue
41 soldiers bug Aiming at one’s body part highlights two (legs for example)
42 soldiers change show damage done to the equipment during enemy fire - right now we only see damage done to the soldier and his armour, but we don’t see if weapon in their hand or stuff like mech arms or missile launcher on their back got damaged until it is destroyed or until we check it in inventory by mousing over the item
43 equipment change allow trade between soldiers not just giving from one to the other - in situation where you want to exchange weapons between two soldiers you need to open inventory of 1st soldier, give weapon to the other using 25% of TUs. Next you need open inventory of 2nd soldier and equip given weapon, then give his weapon to the other soldier using 25% of TUs. And next you need again to open inventory of 1st soldier to equip 2nd soldier’s weapon using another 25% of TUs. It would be great to omit that 2nd and 3 opening of inventory and 3rd use of action points/time units and just make everything on one screen using both soldiers TUs once.

And I hope that you have “soldier status” mentioned in some interview for UI on your mind. Right now it is difficult to see what is the condition of the soldier.

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One another thing i have spotted. Technician has some issue with Sniper Rifle - he shoots below red circle.
Please check my gameplay.

from 23:50 to the end at 55:35 - I figured it out after watching it again, that all shots have missed and all were heading toward ground below aiming circle
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Some more additions:

no. element type issue
44 UI change show us current status of soldier (actual hp and armour of each body part and equipment) instead of his big portrait or above it after hovering mouse there
45 equipment bug soldier not using his native weapon shoots outside of red circle IE. Technician with sniper rifle or machine gun
46 enemy change let us exclude enemy from overwatch, return fire actions - right click on enemy icon should exclude that enemy for currently selected soldier, second right click should exclude for all soldiers, third will unexclude - this would be handy if we know that enemy is bleeding and all his possible attacks were disabled, or when we know there will be some heavily armoured enemy in our cone of overwatch/return fire and we don’t want to waste bullets on him, of course limit this to already spotted enemies, those which will surprise us should not be under this rule as something still unknown for our soldierss
47 turret bug apply gravity to the turret - currently if you put it on the base wall or on the tower and it’s floor gets destroyed, the turret won’t fall down
48 ability change limit return fire to one shot in each turn - enemies spamming return fire while your sniper or technician try to utilize more than 2 shots is just overwhelming - i know that range od sight and setting cone of fire will limit this, but still enemy tank standing next to your soldiers should not return fire after your sniper shot, your heavy shot, your assault 2 shots and your technician 4 shots, if there will be ammo limit for enemies then it will also limit the issue, but with full magazine it would still be deadly, and of course you can limit this for our soldiers, but with exclusion from point 46 in this table we would be able to utilize return fire at enemy which we want to (at least in most cases)
49 equipment bug weapon weight without magazine is the same as with the magazine, so when you reload total weight of equipment decreases as spare magazine disappears from backpack
50 equipment bug heavy (or actually any class) can hold 2(two) two-handed weapons despite information in inventory says something different - try changing with missile launcher or mech arms
51 equipment change armour elements should have some weight? all soldiers can carry the same amount of things, but such heavy or technician devinitely have heavier armour
52 equipment bug there are some problems with animations for different equipment while not used by native class (mech arms or missile launcher in other classes, some weapons in technician class)
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Now that I had the time to really read all of this, it’s a f*cking well researched and written list! Somethings never even crossed my path, I’ll try to force the game into them (like using more often weapons not intended for that class)

But remember that they are random. Sometimes technician is shooting correctly. When I created that list I couldn’t recreate point 39. Just saw it on some video on youtube. But yesterday or two days ago I had similar situation. My APC was moving to flank some crabs and spotted another one so stopped. And in this moment I had Ram ability still available with something like 60% of TU in its pool.

I hope that all above bugs will be fixed in next two Builds, and that some of my suggestions will make it to the final game. Maybe developers have even something better on their minds - but we don’t know their plans. :slight_smile:

And the list is still growing :wink: