Some bugs I ran into in my last campaign


  • I had researched the synedrion injector for the last mission when the research for the virophage injector completed. There was no way that I could see to choose to use the synedrion injector instead of the virophage injector.

  • The shield ability added in blood and titanium had an arrow showing the direction you were placing the shield. At some point during my campaign this arrow stopped appearing.

  • I found that the resource sites from legacy of the ancients would get stuck. So that I’d still be collecting resources even if no aircraft was there.

  • Sometimes when a soldier stopped running because of seeing an enemy they’d lose one square of run distance.


That has always happened to me since I first started playing right after initial release. I can confirm it happens, but I don’t believe it’s a recent thing - I just figured it was a result of doing the movement math before you run the FoV checks.


they were supposed to have fixed this and for some time it was not happening, but over time the updates and hot fixes it has reappeared! They need to go back and check as it is probably redundant code they did not take out in a patch or hotfix. But at one time they did seem to have fixed this!


Report via F12 and create tickets at bug reporting tool. The last one is most annoying since it steals your AP, and I can confirm its present. In simple, this ticket covers “stopping” but “stealing AP is a real bug”

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Have you run into certain missions showing in the Left sidebar, that do not show up on the map?
Would be nice to be able to Click those, and Review the mission parameters. But only a few are clickable at all. :open_mouth:

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No need to… we all know it…it has happened since release…either developers meant it there…I am thinking if you are running…come around a corner and a guy is aiming a .45 at your head…thus u may hesitate in RL and lose an AP??? not sure if that was the developers had intended…just speculating.

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I agree you should stop when seeing enemy and reevaluate. Thats good. Losing AP more then you actually moved is bad.

I don’t think I ran into that. If I did I didn’t notice. I often watch youtube/podcasts while I play so I’m not the most attentive.

I loved I finally discovered that there is shield, via Blood and Titanium upgrades, but yes it can only be deployed frontal or removed, no choice.

Also, discovered a sound bug
It seems that during mission loading for e.g. heaven defense or nests etc. almost before it should launch you can hear a horror sound or two (e.g. Siren screaming). I believe its not atmospheric, but rather some simple bug.

Im going to rush in here and add my bug report. During one mission I had a siren using her scream several times in a row and she basically made my whole squad to panic. On my turn I was switched to a guy who had augmented torso and holding a shield. I couldn’t remove the shield, I couldn’t switch to other guys (panicked), I couldn’t end turn. I have a video of this stuff. Check out my twitch stream replay while its still there.


They need to go back and check as it is probably redundant code they did not take out in a patch or hotfix. But at one time they did seem to have fixed this.

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I still see siren can mind control 1 unit per turn, mind controlling few units if possible. Its way to difficult when you encounter few sirens (esp. that it can hide somewhere and mind control if other Pandas see any of your units) and unbalanced since priest can mind control 1 unit per time.

Balance to 1 siren can mind control 1 unit