March >10 DLC bugs/typos found by Setokaiva

This is my attempt at making an ongoing list of issues I’ve noticed in Phoenix Point post-release, starting from March 10th, 2020 onward. I am playing with the Blood and Titanium DLC installed.

WARNING – this may contain some spoilers for the game, because I will be listing typos from messages attached to events and research projects at some points. I will use my discretion in avoiding really big spoilers.


element description reproduced?
battle Sneak Attack double damage is shown as number on shots but does not apply for loud weapons – a sniper/infiltrator with 120 normal damage was shown to deal 240 while concealed, but only dealt the normal 120 yes
battle Paralyzing Triton does not prevent Pain Chameleon from activating, nor the Triton from moving as part of it, despite being paralyzed yes
geoscape, site Destroying Pandoran Citadel generates +10 faction alignment points as if a Lair was destroyed, and creates “Destroyed Pandoran Lair” site, not Citadel yes
geoscape, research Pandoran Citadel research prerequisites fulfilled when any tier of alien structure (nest & lair) is destroyed after the research first appears in list yes
personnel, equipment Soldiers with proficiencies in weapons are sometimes shown as not being proficient yes
battle Destroying enemy Aspida vehicle with Bash caused “item crate open tiles” ( to appear next to the wreckage. Walking onto a tile opened inventory view instantly and automatically. Nothing was on the “ground” to take no
battle Radiant Hope aura (Synod head mutation) still active even after soldier EVACs from mission – a soldier next to where the Priest EVACed regained 2 WP next turn even with him already gone from the game no
battle Throwing Scorcher AT turret after having Retrieved it once made it not fire automatically on my next turn, despite having clear shot – Manual Control allowed shot, then unlocked the manual shot that is given to turrets that don’t fire automatically that turn no
battle Paralysis damage that becomes greater than Strength after limbs are disabled does not immediately paralyze a target no
battle Siren uses Psychic Scream ability on Spider Drones, which do not have Will Points (it showed -10 WP anyway) no
battle Shooting floor out from under a high ground Arthron on Overwatch left its overwatch cone special effect at the spot it was at, which is now in thin air no
battle Manual Control on spider drone while a turret was on the field at the same time defaulted to target the turret, not the drone no
battle “Kill The Scylla” objective in Citadels is hard-locked – player cannot capture Scylla to end the mission, they MUST kill it no
geoscape Pandoran > Phoenix base attack can occur at exact same time as scripted conversations, i.e. endgame sequences, preventing player from reading or reacting to them no

Typos & Inconsistencies

element description
battle Synedrion Aspida vehicle described as hovercraft, floating 45 centimeters above ground—yet it is not immune to Goo? Floating over ground should confer Goo immunity
battle Also Aspida: Game thinks it has the Hailstorm GT Gauss Turret. That’s NJ Armadillo’s turret. Placeholder? Game does not properly represent Aspida electric strike’s 40 paralysis damage because of this
battle Scorcher AT uses Watcher AT name
battle, ability Juggernaut bionic torso’s Extend Shield: player has no way of telling how much HP and armor it has left without free-aiming at the shield
battle, ability Propeller bionic leg’s Rocket Jump: nowhere, either in mouse-over ability info or clicking it in battle, does it say the range is only 4 tiles -_-
geoscape, base Repairing facility sometimes displays repair message twice for same facility
geoscape, event “Heads Up, A Head Ahead” event states that it decreases ODI by 5, but no change to the ODI occurs
geoscape, haven Mist Repeller in Synedrion havens use same text as for Residences
geoscape, personnel Perception stat is not displayed on a soldier’s stats, even though it is displayed on in-battle info (click > Unit Info)
geoscape, personnel Judgment Head priest mutation statistics does not display the 5 Willpower stat bonus it gives
manufacturing Synedrion Aspida vehicle: Its statistics read Capacity = 1, and indeed, only 1 soldier can be in it at a time. But the research info said 3
personnel, equipment Durability (health & armor) of weapons is not displayed as part of their stats. It should also be displayed in the Info panel of units during tactical battles, as currently, the only way to tell durability is to free-aim at the weapon in question


element description fix
manufacturing (Repair Kit) Item title: “REPAIR KIT” (all caps) Repair Kit
manufacturing (Zeus Grenade) Item title: “ZEUS GRENADE” (all caps) Zeus Grenade
personnel, augmentation (Vengeance Torso) “…use a range advanced martial arts” range of advanced
research (Mutagen Harvesting) “…derived from the original Pandroavirus infection” Pandoravirus
research (Scylla Vivisection) It’s extraordinary intelligence…” Its
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The whole dang game needs proofreading to be fair lol. It reads like all the flavour text was rushed in one afternoon soon before release.