Bugs with Ctulhu patch

I will be the first :slight_smile:
Play about half hour. Mission to rescue neutrals. After it I’ve got two assault and one heavy. Both assault has equal names like ‘Bandit Assault’ with absolutely equal personal skills. Heavy has name ’ Bandit Heavy’. I guess that all neutral assaults will be the same.

Started a new campaign on Legendary and a few missions in. Bugs so far:

• All the research that I had queued up suddenly completed at once. I had Arthron Autopsy, Synedrion, New Jericho, and Phoenix Archives queued, and all of them finished instantly while my aircraft was in flight for no apparent reason. This caused the “Randolph Symes was the last leader of the Phoenix Project” video to play four times in a row. No idea what triggered it.

• All the other Phoenix Bases apart from Phoenix Point have the same name - they’re all called “Phoenix Avionics”.


You know you should report encountered bugs in game with F12? Just checking.

Started a new campaign.
• All the research that I had queued up suddenly completed at once (I think it was when I finished researching Pandoran Colonies?)

(A few hours in it appears that enemies stopped spawning - or maybe only the pure?)

  • A synedrion haven defence completed automatically when I entered the map (it was against the Pure)
  • Directly after that I was ambushed while scanning, only to find that there where no enemies on the map - I had to wait three turns and could then stroll to the exit.

Taking a break now, since I am worried that all missions are going to be broken like that!
Awesome game btw!

(oh - right my basenames are also a bit messed up - i have two R&D 7)

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The research happened to me too, but it was because I got a +100 Tech reward, which made a lot of my queue finish.

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That’s not just the issue with that compositon, For me it was way worse
I got 2 Bandit HEAVY Clones of each other, (they had same skills/equip and if you un-equiped one so did the other) and if you took them into a mission and finished it would say they got xp but they didn’t level at all. I had to delete both of them. I reported that bug with F12

Same here. I also noticed that there seemed to be a weird bug; I changed the name of one of the assults, but that also changed the name of the second assault. Same with changing looks and armor color. And equipment. Weird.

Cheap grenadiers/medics though.

We are currently fixing this bug with soldiers from scavenging missions and will make a hotfix either today or on Monday.


After unequipping a weapon with a clip of say only 9 out of 12 rounds, the gun goes to storage but the clip disappears. This is identical to a backer build issue, but was fixed for the actual game release.

Also a scavenging and ambush mission was completed with no aliens appearing.

And like a previous post had a clone of the BANDIT ASSAULT soldier, ie if I changed his name the other soldier would then have exactly the same name as well.

i cannot reach south or north america with the manticore.
There i have to do the storyquest “prisioner in the ice” (hope translation is correct)

For all havens or bases the distance is to far to reach.

Sorry, but for my opinion this game feels like it isn´t finished complete.

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That exactly happened to me, I was forced to steal a Tiamat (Disciples of Anu Aircraft) because I activated the base in Siberia, and after full scanning I couldn’t reach Alaska using the Manticore.

I was losing REP with factions(and population), a lot of attacks occurring in America , and waited too much until I realized that it was unreachable from that point

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the first quest from the Synedrion to increase Sympahtie > 25% is not working too.
Together with the bug that i cannot reach America (north and south) and australia i have checked all points in the world i can reach.
I cleared 6 bases and put them online, but the pandorians always attack on the areas i cannot reach so my population is now < 35% and i there is nothing more i can do.

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I’d like to add to this bug with something i noticed.
I had some NexusMods installed, and i deleted them for this new patch, so, yes, Fresh start.
In my first Scavenge Rescue mission, i got 3 Heavies, nothing different from everyon else, all with same name, BUT, after running 2 missions with the single one available for choosing, and spending time in a base with 2 Training Centers, this guy was Lvl 7 in a snap.

  • These same name rescue units seem to be multiplying EXP gained by the amount you rescue, in my case x3

  • When i tried changing names, they all changed name accordingly, but when i entered a mission with it, it seemed all his stats were divided by 3 … Weight limit was way below Lv1, aiming reticule was twice the size of a Scylla, and he could move maybe 6 squares in either direction. After restarting the game the unit came back to normal though.

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