Solo 'Paths of the Damned' Run?

Has anyone actually tried, from day 1, to do a solo ‘Duke Nukem’ style playthrough?? I would think one lucky facehugger would end it all. Maybe a duo??

I can manage with 4-man teams of a hvy, snpr, and two assaults. It also gets you a 2nd active team sooner. But I haven’t tried solo.

I don’t see it happening soon.
You’d have to dual class to berserker to be immune to mind control and panic (or you’re looking for trouble).
Put heavy armor to avoid taking too much damage.
Put points in strength to survive longer.
Avoid scavenging sites to not get mind-fragged. And careful during ambushes.
Rockets and grenades.

With the next patch and how SP will be awarded, you could build a über soldier.

Current assault/berserker using the exploits might be possible. Hope to have an assault with “reckless” & “melee specialist”.

Well, I’ve made it through the first 3 scavenger missions w a starting assault. Crabs w launchers+machineguns are painful, but the worst are the tritons armed w assault rifles. It makes for an interesting battle, having only one soldier. No crates survived, no surprise, but you sure do level up fast. One level per mission. :slight_smile:

When recruiting became available and I had enough food, I nabbed a berserker and lucked out w her having the trooper ability up around level 5. Stuck her in sniper armour and that seemed to cancel out the proficiency problem. Four crabs w pincers coming at you all at once is tricky. Three of them eventually bled to death but the fourth chased me around the map, always 2 hexes away from me, until I lured it beside some barrels and moved a bit and chucked a grenade. Again, no crates, but did get the armour break so interested to see how that helps.