Your way with "extreme" mission?

I usually totally suck at missions with an extreme ammount of enemies.

Most of the time time Arthrons and Tritons keep ambushing me and I don`t stand a chance.

Any idea for that circumstances?

It really depends on the composition of your team.

If you’re New Jericho style heavy like I’m currently doing, you just set “+20 armor” with your technician then jetpack everywhere with your heavies (they now have 58 average armor) and bash everyone or use missiles. Return fire might shred a bit of that armor and take away 2 HP out of your 300 HP :stuck_out_tongue:. Dual class to berserker if you want to avoid a SIren mind-control or scream.
Best faction for area of effect damage, for those extremely dense/tense missions.

If you’re going Anu style, I haven’t played them far with priest and berserker, virus and acid. It seems like a death sentence to me. Acid will get better with next patch, hope virus does too. Mutations are nice, but they don’t help much killing or avoid being killed. I have to return to my Anu playthrough to see that tactics I could use with them.

Synedrion style with sniper/infiltrators and paralysing guns. You want stealth (not 100% or you’ll be disappointed after next patch), you want perception. You want to see them and stay as much as possible outside their perception range (you’ll hate those “double perception” tritons). You don’t need to get a completely paralyzed target, one shot with Athena SR against an Arthron or Tirton and he has only 2AP left (so it will take more time to come and can not move and shoot in the same turn). Each of your soldiers can potentially shoot twice with quick aim. Only danger is Chirons, they will bombard your location with goo, worms, or … bombs. You want to avoid shooting before it’s really necessary. And of course, any Pandoran you haven’t spotted can ruin your day by revealing you. Oh, and you have vanish in case they get too close and decoy is really nice at getting them to shoot at something else.

Finally, you have the “assault/dash/shotgun/rapid clearance/rally” team. With eight of them using rally when needed, each one can have the equivalent of 5AP more to move and shoot. Dash gives you 3AP for the price of 1.
Don’t get used to this one, rally will probably get nerfed. Preferably selected to have “reckless” and “melee specialist” as perks to make 50% more damage and one shot most of the stuff. Dual class to berserker and wound your soldier to have even more speed and damage. Quite frankly, I’ve never even tried this team but there is so much exploit going on I feel dizzy. One of them dual classed to priest to give frenzy ?

So, my current way is New Jericho style. Jumps, punchs & rockets. I frankly don’t see how I could lose a mission. I guess I could lose a soldier if I get too careless, but everyone is in Anvil-2 armor, so pretty survivable. I’m sorry if it feels like I’m bragging but it’s really easy when mortar chirons barely scratch you.

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I was suprised how usefull a decoy and some spiders are, as the enemies shot often at them…
Furthermore an arthrons weak spot are his arms. No arms no more danger. Or no head = no willpoints. Then use a priest and he will Kill bis friends.

Yes, for Anu, once you get priests you can concentrate on shooting the head and mind-control.

I had no fraction specific gamethrough as i had 100% at all fraction before the last Mission…

If find “extreme” missions with dozens of Arthrons and Tritons just annoying.
Am just again stuck in one.

Mind control isn`t very effective, since I have to get VERY close to the enemies.

By the way:
Is there a limit of the amount of spawning of Mindfraggers from the Scylla the births them? Mayby max. 3 of them at the same time?

8 guys usually being better, my “extreme team” flies around (at a leisury pace) in a long-range Tiamat and try to take care of the most dangerous missions my 6-units squads would rather not get into.

The TiamaTeam is “commanded” by a level 7 Sniper-Assault : mostly using Rally and Weak Point once positioned on high-ground, her main job is to create openings, provide supporting fire and extra-Actions to her teammates.
It’s usually comprised of
â–ş a high WP Assault-Priest 7 with Mind Control, Induce Panic/Psychic Scream, Rapid Clearance or Frenzy and Wreckless to Dash-in, kill off a few baddies in a row (with an Iconoclast shotgun or a Bulldog AR), make a friend once its WP is low enough, kill a few more and scare-off the rest.
► a jet-propelled Heavy-Sniper with Inspire, missile, grenade launcher, long-range rifle and PDW to make as much area-damages as he can, weakening the heard on the first turns (after that he’ll snipe-disarm or snipe-behead 2 or 3 enemies each turn),
► a stomper Berserker with long-range pistol or PDW to peel-off armor on the Big Ones, allowing…
► two Assault-Heavies with Rage Burst or Boom Blast, an Infiltrator-Sniper and a Tech-Sniper (with Laser-Turrets) to use said openings in the Big ones’ armors and either kill them out-right or take their big heads off to have them either loose their next turn or controlled by the Priest (and then trample the little ones).

This team’s usual tactic is to chain-kill a few foot-soldiers in the first turn (almost everyone weakening targets for the Priest to Rapid-Clear them and Control a high-damage enemy), then rush the Big Ones pretty early, in order to create wide-spread Panic among the heard, then wipe-out the wounded and capture those they can.
Process is then verything : acting in a very precise order to maximize enemy WP loss, PP WP recovery (“Inspire” on a grenade/missile-launching Heavy with Boom Blast is a WP jackpot). Depending on the battle-field, my opening turn could be :

  1. If possible and usefull, the Priest casts Frenzy,
  2. the Chief would usually use Quick Aim to clear some cover or Weak-Points some armor and open lines of fire for her team, then the Berserker would try and Break Armor on some Big One or a tight group of foot-soldiers (PDW or even shotgun +Break Armor is very efficient, each bullet taking off some 50 armor),
  3. the Infiltrator and the Flying Heavy spot everything, so the Priest would Dash precisely in the middle of a group without interruption to begin the murder-conga, her friends weakening some targets to make sure she profits from RC,
  4. then the Assaults and Tech would kill the closest Big Bad to lower enemy WP,
  5. if enemy’s WP is low enough, the Priest controls a high-damage friend to kill one more enemy,
  6. the Chief uses Rally to facilitate repositioning, retreat or an extra-kill (really PDW are very usefull to Assault, Berserkers and Snipers alike), but mostly…
  7. have the New Friend kill once more and the Priest end the turn on the largest Panic possible.

Many enemy loose their turn, then the Chief-Berserker-Assault sequence starts again to kill another Big One and Panic most enemies one more : if it works, enemies are now ripe for the reaping.