I'm done for now

31 hours of pure fun buy I’m done for now at least.
It wasn’t the bugs, lack of content or polish. It was those darn sirens. I put up with them for a while but they are basically a “I win” button for the AI.
I have no idea why they made them so stupidly OP it doesn’t make much sense unless it was some strange way of making the game seem hardcore. Even Firaxis didn’t go that far with a OP enemy. If you are careful you can manage one on the field but when they start dumping them in like confetti it’s not even worth carrying on.
Now what am I going to play? I was so invested in PP everything else looks drab.


I dunno man, I can usually kill 3 sirens at the same time without much trouble on the hardest difficulty. Just need to disable the head. Some of them drop to 0 WP and don’t know what to do, and the ones that still have some WP left aren’t much threat.

Cheers bud. Good luck!

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I was taking my time. I guess the game doesn’t allow for that. My shots were doing to little damage. Even my heavy only bent its whiskers. 3 sniper shots bang on it’s head and it’s still walking and singing.

I think I read a post here were they were saying something about a difficulty spike. I think I may have hit it. I’m just p*****. From being great, the game has so suddenly turned sour.

For starters Sirens should loose mind control when shot in the head. That would go part way to making them a reasonable OP enemy.

As it is you can have nearly destroyed their head and also have them dazed and they still have MC.


I have had some serious slogs with Sirens though. I didn’t mean they were easy. The first Siren I encountered mind controlled two of my guys and panicked a third and I got wiped out. They are bonkers strong.

I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with them. I like to shred the head first and then double tap the head with a sniper. Armor shred makes a big difference against Sirens. Berserkers get that ability that makes them immune to mind-control. It makes them good candidates to do the shredding.

Also, high WP helps.

The first mission that I did on Legend difficulty, I was kicking butts and taking names and then this dude with a fear-head mutation ran in out of nowhere. Panicked half my squad and mind controlled two people.

I just walked away from the computer lol.


It’s not like I gave up straight away, I kept on trying but eventually I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t make this work. My soldiers and weapons are just not up to it. I can’t even outrun them, and they come with friends, a whole army of frigging friends.

Was it stuff like this that was part of the balance issue found with the backers build? I know I read that they had to rebalance before launch.

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Few games have made me yell and slam my fists down on my desk as much as Phoenix Point, nearly every time has involved a Siren.

If you have an autosave Geoscape just before the mission or a save before the fight I would say reload, fight tooth and nail to lie,steal,cheat your way to Synedron Athena paralysis sniper rifle tech. The sniper only does 10 damage but has 30 (I think,maybe 60) armor penetration and does 15 points of paralyzing damage! 2 sniper shots will really slow them down, 4 shots will totally paralyze them so you can plunk away at them until you get some anti-armor weapons :smiley:

I hear what your saying though! An enemy that can move over half the map, mindcontroll your entire team and takes 5-7 turns to kill is pushing it a bit much. You shouldnt be overjoyed when a Scylla shows up because you know your only going to have to deal with 1-2 Sirens. They real make every mission that they are on a total drag. I wish they couldn’t mindcontrol from so insanely far away and from behind cover, in a hole, behind a building.

I had a base defense where a Siren mindcontrolled all but one of my teammates then proceeded to go from my hanger alllllllllllll the way to the back of the base and hide. Every time my one guy would get close it would run alllllllll the way to the other side of the base, continually restoring its will power and keeping my guys under permanent mind control.

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Sounds like a rifle I would like to have. :slight_smile:
The sirens are a good enemy to throw into the mix but as most people agree they are way over the top at the moment.
I spent ages in a battle with them and had nearly wiped out the army of other creatures that were keeping me under a constant barrage of fire. I had one siren down and had just saved my heavy who was on her last breath. Then the remaining Siren wasn’t happy with being vastly OP it developed super powers and somehow manged to wipe out my entire squad without suffering a scratch.

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Awe man, I wish there was a surefire way to actually stop them. I had one hiding in a building come out and do basically the same thing to my support fireteam D:< I was too scared to send anyone into the building to scout it out because it was the end of the mission and all my WP’s were gone, I had everyone on overwatch and was thinking it wont stand my 4 sniper salute but half my guys shot my own people and the other half refused to fire at the giant snake monster breathing in their face’s. Before I reloaded I grenaded my own team out of frustration hahah

It would be awesome if you could toss fire grenades to temporarily wall them off from your troops, if you started off with a foam grenade that makes a no go sticky zone or something.

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Lets hope stuff like that will get added later.
There is a patch due any day now. Hopefully it will nerf sirens a bit so I can get back to the batlefield.

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I had issues with Sirens as well until I figured out that disabling the head basically neuters them - zeroing out their willpower. A good sniper shot and they are done.

The only mob I have real issue with is the mortar Chirons - and only on the lair maps where there is no cover anywhere. Basically, there is no counter other than stealth or rush the map praying that half your squad doesn’t die to the unavoidable rain of fire.

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I did use the tactic of head shooting them but the first one took heavy damage to the head and was dazed yet went on to MC two of my squad. I don’t think that tactic works 100% of the time. It’s funny as on one map I near paralyzed one with a simple war cry.

I love a long hard battle but there is a line, when crossed, fun starts to suffer.

Cheer up, Bannerlord’s out soon. 60 years in the making, and we’ll still find problems with it. :wink:

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you can counter sirens with berserkers or snipers, just shoot off their heads and no mind control. Pump up your will stat as well. Sirens are strong, but they’re not OP.

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No one seems to mention Sirens’ arms - they’re by far the weakest point. Just get everyone to focus fire on one arm, even when it’s disabled. Three shots - goodbye. Well, maybe four. :wink:

Obviously my sirens eat at better restaurants than yours. :slight_smile:


I can tell you this, OP: If you take your sweet time on the geoscape and let too much time pass without pushing forward in the missions, you will find yourself exactly in that spot. Sirens will become more common, and you’ll find yourself in a position where you cannot deal with them. I made this mistake on my first playthrough and ended up starting over. I had spent so much time just exploring without pushing the important missions and research, and found myself trying to take my first lair with three Sirens bearing down on me, and my stupid little assault rifles couldn’t do a damn thing to stop them.

It took some learning to figure out which skills I needed to give my troops, and which missions I needed to pursue to unlock research from other Havens so as to upgrade my weaponry more quickly.

Don’t quit man. Start anew, and pursue new tactics.

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Yeah… Or you get too good at finding tactics and end up like me, using broken game mechanics that kill all the enemies in the game with one shot and then the game isnt fun anymore.

The entire game is just not balanced right atm.

Yeah, mine are pretty beefy haha Headshotting dosent stop them from mindcontroling my team. Idk if my games bugged though.

For sirens you can just Warcry from behind a blocking element. She will often come into LOS bit she will not have enough AP to use any ability. At this stage aim the head with all your big guns.

I just won very easily a mission with 2 packed sirens and one more after the first pack. Crabs with grenade launcher were far more dangerous than sirens…

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