Build 1.2 - weapon's durability

OMG! My machine gun just now got shredded to subatomic particles by a 0 damage stray shot across the map (the crabmen shooting range is still bigger than your sniper’s). Do something with the weapon destruction. Total disable on this level of randomness is just annoying, you can’t lay out any solid plan if it can be foiled by RNG this easily. If you insist on RNG, ask Shouzou Kaga how to do it right.

Maybe, instead of total disintegration make it a full turn (a few turns) disable until the soldier can put it back together. Or maybe make it destroyable by explosives only. Frustration.

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I’ve had the rocket launcher taken out twice since the new build’s release.

However, the heavy had definitely been taking enough shots both times for his big, protruding weapons to have taken several hits, so I’m not suspicious of them getting suddenly 1-shot.

I’m fine with some lucky stray shots (will be more so once detection is in), but a way to monitor a soldier’s own weapon durability (or body part status, for that matter) would be a nice quality of life improvement to take some preventative measures; I suppose one could check them over with a different soldier, but that’s fairly clunky and clearly non-intuitive enough to overlook in the moment.

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Or maybe add weapon mend on the fly for some action point. The current state makes heavy a meatbag, not a tank.

Huh, haven’t noticed this, but I have noticed that crabman gunners waaaay too often can land those crits n bleed even though your guy is in heavy cover. Happened for 3 turns straight > <

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I would say let do devs their work. I’m sure this feature will be fixed at some time.

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Just played a game on the new build and can confirm weapon destruction is common; two of my guys had their weapons destroyed (machine gun and assault rifle). Left both troopers at a bit of a loss for what to do as the machine gunner had already fired both rockets and the assault rifle troop had thrown his grenade. The crates I found only had ammo in them. Pretty much took these guys out of the game.

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just got done with a flawless win playthrough in losing no soldier nor did I get a disable. Tbh, it seems strange though because the random generated maps give far more disable issues than fort. Idk if that is the case or just anecdotal, probably the latter. :man_shrugging:

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Given I’m pretty sure the people replying to this specific thread is nowhere near representative of the forum users, let alone the wider testing base, I’ll go out on a limb and say anecdotal.

Still, it at least is making clear it is a thing that can happen while playing.

While weapons being affected by enemy fire is an interesting feature, I don’t think is should be as severe as it is now. Firstly, unless weapons will be abundant and easy to replace, permanent weapon destruction should be limited to some very special cases: effects of some rare special enemy weapon, total soldier destruction(devoured whole by a boss etc).

Secondly, In a game like PP where having a spare weapon of the same type might not be an option due to weight and/or inventory size and where fighting with your bare hands or a combat knife might be outright impossible, losing a weapon might effectively take the soldier out of combat entirely. Sure, it’s better that him being killed but still, it’s one less gun to shoot the enemies with. Given guns seem to have no armour or HP, destroying a gun might be happening way to often. Another thing to consider here is that gun models seems to be quite bulky, likely to make them easier to identify when viewed from the tactical view point. This, and the fact that soldiers tend to hold guns flat across their bodies when in an idle animation, can result in chances of a gun being hit to increase.

Finally, I am not sure if weapon destruction due to enemy fire is all that realistic. I have no first- or even second-hand knowledge of modern armed combat so this is only my assumption but I rarely, if ever, heard about someone’s rifle being damaged or destroyed by an enemy bullet. My understanding is, modern guns are hard enough to withstand a significant force and on top of that, when held by a soldier, they are more likely to jerk in soldier’s hands when struck buy a bullet rather than absorb the impact. But all that is more of a guess, so I would like to hear someone with more experience in that matter.


Apparently my Sniper’s rifle is made out of some kind of magnetic alloy, as I have yet to have single match where it didn’t get destroyed :stuck_out_tongue:

At least he gets to go all Clint Eastwood with his pistol.

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In combat, most combatants are told to aim for the center of mass, as this is A) the easiest to hit, and B) likely to cause “wounding” which requires another combatant to leave the fight to deal with him/her.

Weapon hits would be unusual, as not many people would “aim” to hit them, given their resiliency and for now - the ease of replacing them.

In “this” world, it is possible that the crab creatures know of the scarcity of weapons, and ammo - and “might” aim for them. I think it’s more likely that if it’s all based on real physics, that the tactical placement of a weapon may cause more hits if the avatar holds it across his/her body.

I agree that having the weapon destroyed as much as it is, is not “fun”. I get that it’s an opening experience, and frankly I just chalk up events like that (disabled parts or broken weapons) as ways for me to go gung-ho and Predator-like LOL

Hopefully, in the final, weapons will be stronger, or the chance to hit less, or - repairs are possible - making a skill of gunsmithing (as an example - no idea if that IS a skill) actually used in the field - and not a skill you may not take.

On a separate note, I played my first ever game where I took out all the aliens, and didn’t lose a man/woman. I was also able to drop the queen after healing everyone up to max. Weapons were littered all over, and some torsos, heads and one hand were disabled, but they will all walk away from that one!

For Freiheit!!


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I think that giving 5/6 Point of armour to the weapon and some hp will be enough, and as long as the whole body of the soldier, have warned when it goes worn


I fully agree with the OP, this is just ridiculous, pretty much every game the sniper rifle gets destroyed whenever the sniper gets hit. Since this happens every game, you’re basically playing with 3 squad members. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

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I almost don’t mind the weapon getting destroyed but if takes a character out of the fight that really sucks. As a suggestion perhaps make a type of melee weapon that we always have? or allow us to use the broken pieces of the weapon to melee our enemies?


Well, the sniper still has a handgun, but as it is now, it’s pretty much just a handgun-soldier since the sniper rifle is always destroyed in pretty much the first battle…

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@JulianG I’d still like to get the devs’/designers’ reaction on the issue.

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Oh come on guys! Weapons should have this feature. If we can disable enemy guns, mutants should be able to disable ours. Only thing that should be changes is that they should be damaged and not usable for the rest of battle duration instead of being destroyed.

Remember that this demo has big fraction of enemies with guns, so quite many bullets fly over there. In final game I suppose we won’t experience so many ranged attacks from enemies equipped with machine guns, which additionally have armour shredding feature. As soldiers partially hide behind weapons it is not surprise they get hits (weapons along with soldiers). But in this build weapons have 3 armour (sniper rifle has 1) so they are not easy to destroy unless enemy put a full burst in your soldier and shred armour from it.

You want a solution to your problem? Follow these rules:

  1. hide behind cover,
  2. keep your distance from enemies with guns,
  3. at the end of each round change prepared sniper rifle to a hand gun
    You will be surprised how effective this is.

Personally I rarely loose a weapon. Maybe it happened in 8 battles out of 30, and mostly in my first few playthroughs. In last 15 battles I have lost 2 times sniper rifle because I put my sniper in an exposed place and didn’t switch to pistol, and 1 time an assault rifle after my assault got full burst from crab-tank.

And maybe developers will add some skill to repair weapon on the field (to restore its functionality with aim penalty). Lets hope for that ,instead of voting for 6 armour on a weapons (like queen carapace?) or some counter where soldier will automatically and magically rebuild his weapon on the field without any skill or equipment. :wink:

PS. And don’t say enemy guns are more accurate than sniper rifle anymore. How often enemy is hitting you with 7 damage shots through whole map? They usually do 0 to 3 damage and mostly it is between 0 and 1. If 2 or 3 enemies shoot you with burst of 6 rounds you can’t be surprised that 1 bullet hits your soldier.

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I’m not opposed to weapons being disabled, but the rate at which it happens currently is just too harsh. Especially since there’s nothing you can do after your weapon has been destroyed. Taking cover is hardly a solution since on more than one occasion I’ve lost my sniper rifle due to return fire.

Also, it’s a bit odd that it seems to be happening especially with the sniper rifle. The assault rifle and heavy machine gun also get destroyed at times, but only after the soldier handling it has taken a significant beating. The sniper rifle often gets destroyed by the very first bullet that goes towards the sniper.

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Sniper Rifle is fragile weapon. As I wrote above, it has 1 point of armour. Other weapons have 3 points of armour. So don’t use it in close range situation if you are not sure if you kill the enemy with a sniper.

Range doesn’t really matter much in the current build as the only weapon the crabman have seems to have higher range than our sniper rifles. But like I said, when they have return fire (which all the crabman with a rifle do) there is no way to avoid getting hit apart from not shooting at them at all, which I doubt is the intent of the developers.

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