Assaults in endgame - Armor shredding?

I was thinking about our heavies and the crabmen’s ability to shred armor with their weapons. I can understand that the rounds they use have a bigger diameter than those used by assaults.
Snipers usually use big ammo, no ? Shouldn’t they shred 5 or something ?
Shouldn’t assaults shred 1 ? With heavies and crabmen shredding 2 or 3 (mean return fire).

Did someone find a weapon that assaults could use and be useful ? Some armor piercing, shredding, acid, virus, poison ?
Because I’m not very far currently but it seems my assaults will be the “Neurazer” guys. Dash - Neurazer x 4 - Dash - Recover if possible …

At the moment it feels like pure assaults can field one of two roles.
They’re either there to shotgun things point blank, or they’re there to spew status effects at things.
Having more options would only improve the game, but armor is also the primary way the difficulty scales up so giving everybody the ability to shred it will be very difficult to get right.

I think endgame assault is a great base for multiclass roles. My best result so far is Assault/Berserker combination. Berserker’s “Break armour” skill makes wonders when combined with shotgun. I am also going to try an Assault/Priest combo for Psychic immunity aura and Frenzy active ability.