Just had a REAL fight!

Tried my first Incursion today, against New Jericho.
Man, was that brutal! :grin:

First time in, I had my butt handed to me big time by 5 Rocket-firing Heavies backed up by Snipers. In all honesty, that was way too OP in their favour, and I was relieved when my wife called me to go out and I had to abandon mid-mission (I don’t Save mid-mission any more, as that invariably hangs the game).

Came back to it later today, to face a mix of Snipers and Assaults. That was manageable, but HARD! :face_with_head_bandage: I lost one of my favourite Squaddies, and 3 others came out injured. But it’s the first real challenge I’ve had all game, and it feels GOOD! :yum:


  • It’s really not clear from the Incursion Choice Screen what each of these options actually gets you. I was hoping to steal an MG, but it looked like the Raid Tech option would only give me Blue Tech points, which I have enough of thanks. So I opted for Steal Research. Now I have Gauss Technology, but it’s not at all clear what (if anything) I can do with it.

  • I was Stealing Research, and it wasn’t at all clear what I had to do. I only realised I had to click on an INTeract Tab, when I went to Pause one of my Squaddies sitting like a lemon on the objective space and wondering why the hell it wasn’t doing anything, and discovered that Pause had been replaced by INT. You need to flag this somehow - make it flash, pop up an instruction, something that tells a dummy like me what he’s supposed to do next once he’s sitting on the golden egg.

  • Though much, much harder and satisfying than Crabbies, the NJ AI is still dumb. They kept on running out into the open and just standing there, inviting me to shoot at them. Surely, they should default to taking cover?

  • 5 Heavies with Rockets is way too much for even my OP Squad to handle. You should limit the enemy to 1 or 2 Heavies.

  • On a tough mission like this, the temptation to shoot the Enemy’s weapons out of their hands becomes overwhelming. This ends up with the very unrealistic situation of your Snipers concentrating on Hand shots, rather than targeting the Head or the Heart. SUGGESTION To encourage players to aim for a vital organ, perhaps Disabling the Head &/or Torso should ‘stun’ your opponent and force them to lose their next turn. That way, you would have some incentive to aim for something other than arms & armaments on a dangerous enemy.

Now THAT was what I was expecting PP to be like! Admittedly, it would be totally unsustainable if we were losing 1 Squaddie every mission, but balancing it so that we feel like we’ve been in a tough fight is what I think most of us are craving for. Get that right, and this game is going to be brilliant.