Soldiers stopped restoring stamina at some point

I’ve checked if I have the living quarters - yes, I have. Nevertheless, they aren’t able to restore stamina which pretty much breaks the game for me. How could such huge bugs been missed before the game release?! And I’ve already pre-ordered the DLCs. Hope I won’t have to do refund.
Any feedback is welcome.

are the living quarters powered up?
is your plane actually at the base, or is it close by?
Do you have the Synedrion Fusion tech? The fusion tech is bugged so that the game checks to see if the base has enough power before applying the bonus from the tech

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Thank you for the reply. As for your questions: the answer is yes to all. So it’s this Fusion upgrade which messes things up? Any way to solve this?

You can either download the mod that fixes it, or build a second generator to side step the issue until an official patch is released

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Fusion upgrade messes it all up.
Power Generators produce “20” power.
When upgraded, they produce 30.

Chances are, you thought that “Now I got 30 power” I can install more facilities and so you did. Power consumption went up to 24 and still below 30.

When you reload the savegame, it first use “20 power” instead of 30 to calculate if you have enough power. So other facilities will be turned off…

I went and installed another power to ensure I always have 40 power

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Thanks for the explanation guys. I hope they will look into this issue and fix it with the next patch.

Hi, everyone!
The same story here.
I have an elite squad of 7-lvl soldiers which have enough health/stamina to take 2 - 3 missions. So after long raid in Africa I’ve removed them into the main base in the Eastern Asia and discovered that they don’t restore extremely low stamina at all. On other base situation is the same. Both bases have Living quarters with switched on power, enough of energy with no additional Synedrion techs as it was mentioned ahead. So, now the squad is totally useless.
Of course, I know that the game have some bugs, so I usually made a few saves. And I’ve seen advices on Reddit to load savegame where this bug does not appear. But I even don’t know when this happened. So how far I nave to rollback now?
The most concerning thing is that the OP on this thread was made on Dec 2019. Now is Feb 2020 and the bug is still on. Does anyone is going to fix it?
Any reply/advice is appreciated.

It was fixed in the last patch, but came back with the hotfix. Any time the game loads (even auto loads at mission end) the bug bites.

Thanks for reply.
So now according to the description of my situation, it’s impossible to further gameplay development. I guess it’s a single thing left - wait for next patches/hotfixes and hope for solving this issue.

UPD. I’ve just discovered that stamina restoration works properly. Not sure what happened in that four days - maybe there was some fix released or I was not attentive enough. For now, the situation is following - units restoring stamina on bases with living quarters as it should be, but the mark like “stamina will be restored in X hours…” (or something like that, I’m not playing with original English localization) is absent. A similar mark about the health restoration term is in place.