Base does not show men at base?

I have only one base left and since the other one was destroyed it the last remaining base and now does not show anyone there? I have two living quarters and only 7 men but it does not matter how many times I try to go in or out it just says “0” men at base when in the geoscape and so I can not heal! Even thought I can go into bases on the menu and see them there!!! Only being able to heal or recover at a base is the MOST STUPID system possible… SERIOUSLY!!! You could quite easily recover your stamina on the aircraft for example your just resting anyway, and you should have other options for healing as the bases are so random you can’t explore to far without having to keep coming back and wasting VERY limited time, it suck big time. AND then when the bug does not allow you heal even when your there, well it is game over it really is that simple! JUST FIX THIS… I am so over the constant bugs! PLUS… I spent hours on a mission to get the end only to find it will not quite because one of them is “clipped” into the building and I can kill it… that should be an easy fix! Don’t know why this is still an issue. It was a slug stuck in the power plant, tried everything to kill it but no luck just wasted time…

Just curious, but are your Medical Bay and Living Quarters powered up? There is a bug if you have the research to have 50% more power that every time the game does a load some facilities at the base are powered off. Without a powered up Living Quarter there can’t be any units at the base…

Yes everything was powered up, in fact it started to work then got half way thorough the “healing” and then stopped? So I tried again and again it just would not work. I looked and checked the base all in order but no matter what I did the system would show “0” men at the base in the geoscape but if I went into the base it showed them all there? But again it just stopped healing. Having this ONLY option to heal and the fact you must be always coming back is just beyond stupid, it is a huge factor for the game that needs rethinking!

UPDATE: Seems I missed something here, I have not tested it fully yet but It may have been due to the “accommodations” not being powered? I found one and turned it on and it worked again, but I am not sure how they got turned off in the first place? More testing needed here…

Probably the power bug as mentioned above.

If you did the Synedrion tech “nuclear fusion technology research and your base is using more than 20 units of power, you have been bitten by the bug. It was supposedly fixed with the last patch, but seems to have been brought back with the hotfix release.

It appears as if it was the “power bug” now I keep an eye on it and when it switches off I turn it back on and seems to work again! Hope they fix this it drove me crazy!

Every time the game loads (automatically or by user) this bug bites if one is using more than 20 units of power at the base. One can unpower a facility that isn’t needed to bring the power down 20 or lower. This is a work around until they fix this bug again.

I used to think (before discovering it was a bug) that the Pandorans were attacking the power supply or control panels during a base attack. They always wander around the entry area looking at stuff. But as a concept probably wouldn’t be a bad idea? I little bit of sabotage even if the base attack fails.

This bug with Synedrion nuclear fusion tech and loading the game is fixed in the latest patch 1.0.56025 “Leviathan”.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t get broken with the hotfix they will be rolling out soon. It was fixed in the previous patch, but the hotfix brought it back.