Soldiers do not restore health and stamina

What can be the problem? Was waiting for 2-3 days in game time. On each of 3 bases I get. In landing craft or in living quarters. How to restore? Need to go for mission after researching bioncs, but starting with 3 action points even with 6 soldiers of 2-5 level is not a good option. Any idea how to settle?
Thank you, guys!

A couple of things may be at play. Make sure your Living Quarters is repaired and powered up. When first recovering a base, if the generator needs repair none of the other units will automatically power up. Healing requires a Medical Bay. Again, it must be powered up to work.

Checked. all is okay. checked on all 3 bases where tried to stay for few days.
no result… feels like I need to restart the game from scratch… had 2-3 very hard missions against cyborgs and forsaken…
Didn’t manage stamina, after each, because previously had same story and restored.