Recover ot other Bases

Is there something I’m missing, or do solders only recover at the main base? I’ve only ever been able to recover at the main base, which is quite a pain once you’re past the early game. I can understand it being restricted to bases with medical facilities for injuries, but soldiers should recover stamina at any base.

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If I remember well a specific room must be built for soliders to be able to recover. Living Quarters, I think?

That reminds me, I was going to bring this subject up.

I get wound recovery – you need a dedicated hospital for that. But it feels very silly that Squaddies can’t recover Stamina by simply resting for a while in a friendly Haven.

I also find it quite artificial that you can’t drop off Squaddies in friendly Havens and leave them there as a garrison – especially the ones that are constantly under attack.

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Limited recovery has been a common complaint. From what I understand, the reason for it’s existance is to keep players returning to their bases. It does make sense in my head, why not being at home wouldn’t lead recovery. How it plays I can’t comment.

That sounds like a nice feature to see in what was described as a 4X game.

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I view Stamina not so much as how exhausted they are physically, but more as Combat Fatigue. With Combat Fatigue, you need to spend time away from the front lines relaxing and being a normal person, hence the stays at the living quarters

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Some of my bases never able to recover stamina even I have living quarter in it. I have to move them to another base to recover which is annoying.

I wonder is there some kind of soldier base binding???

You might want to check that the Living quarters is powered up.

I had the same issue until I noticed the living quarters in one of my new bases was powered down for some reason

You need a Medical Bay to heal troops.

I’ve found my second base keeps shutting power off to the hanger, living quarters & (I think) the med centre Making that base useless for recovery.

Not game to test other bases yet.

Presumably a bug that will be fixed. Eventually.

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do you have the Synedrion fusion power upgrade? There is a bug with that where it seems to apply the upgrade after it checks if there is enough power for all the facilities

I had this same issue last night. Only specific bases would recover my wounded/tired troops. I thought it had to be an issue with my bases but everything looked correct. Then I did a mission and afterward the bases that healed me CHANGED.

No idea what’s going on. They all have the facilities, power, and are turned on, but do not always function.

This is a big issue because it wastes tons of time as you go around the world from base to base looking for one that will work.

as far as i know you need a living quarters and it most be powered

Yes, this issue is that all base facilities are constructed, powered, and appear operational, but do not function.

This happens to me too. Facilities in bases gets randomly shutdown. Normally, I can deal with the nuisance it but when it turns off my Alien Containment and wipes out my sizable collection I lost the desire to continue playing the game. Will wait for patch fix. (Yes, I have Synedrion power upgrade)