Snapshot Games Launcher is not downloading


I would love to, but the download had errors a couple of times. And now it’s back to square zero. -.-’


Interesting. After fixing links on the page I have downloaded the game without any problems around 9 PM GMT. After few minutes of 50 kB/s it speed up to be in range from 1 to 5 MB/s. Maybe file on xsolla side got corrupted?


Who knows! It got to a good speed (1MB/s) when I got the errors,then I closed the launcher to try again later. Later I got back to no download.
I disinstalled the launcher (without downloading it again), canceled everything and installed it back. Now it might be working, though with an abysmal speed.


Problems have NOT been resolved still appalling download speed and if you restart it you go back to 0%.


I finally managed to download it! And I didn’t know the frame rate issue was so bad that even the game menu is awful to look at T_T


Game menu? Why? I experienced slow down only during haven defence mission.


The background of the game menu is like 10 fps, in potato graphics. With fantastic is even worse


In fantastic the game seems to run better tahn potato ?_? Well, the only mission I tried in Potato was a Haven Defence. I got spawned in Norway/Sweden border, with A TON! of points of intersts, all Havens -.-’ I explored east until half Russia when I risked to run out of materials, then I got back home waiting for either materials or a Haven attack. The attack happened, and it was lag time + low frames and strange animations when people try to jump over obstacles. It all ended in a freeze when I launched a rocket that destroyed even the game.


Missile Launcher of Crash! Actually I’ve got similar situation on Greenland, except that my one soldier have survived the flood of crabmen, then I went to alien nest with that one soldier and almost got to the second end of the map (it was a lot easier). :wink:


Had the same. My error popped-up after several hours of downloading…Not funny


Every time I try to use the launcher to install backer build 3 I get this error


Same with me. Made it half way thru download and then that error. Twice.

This is very disappointing.


After a 3rd attempt, still this error comes up part way through.


If it will comfort you, game is quite bugged and I mean really BUGGED… also has quite big problems with performance during base defence missions and hangs for some players. So until some patches comes out it is not so fun to play. :wink: Be patient.


ok, seems to be some kind of error when P2P is turned off. I let it download overnight with P2P turned on and it downloaded fine if slowly


Still again today.



So, got the new version downloaded, installed, and it created a launcher. When I try any method to log in, I get an error message (When choosing any of the linked logins), or, if I use the “create account” or “forgot password” links, they do not work


Further information:
After re-installing, it seems like it is not populating some of the links. Even the website link in the install folder doesn’t seem to have a target.


For me too, get no connection with Steam. I always get the message in all cases:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

After this
try to connect with Steam. wants to install the program again.


Same problem here.